Impressions of Mass Effect's Fourth Ending *Spoilers*

The POW Block said: " I want to like the EC, I really do. I feel like the extra scenes added a sense of closer and hope that the game really needed. Especially with the hint that under the destroy ending, with high EMS, you will reunite with your love intrest. However, Hudson gave us the middle finger with the fourth option. For those that don't know the fourth option is to reject the Starchild and shoot him in the face. However, the ending doesn't really go that well. You lose."

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Hitster3069d ago

Hudson, Thanks for the middle finger... Really appreciated.

Godmars2903069d ago

Why not. He already has your money.

Hitster3069d ago

And for his next trick he will make your ass sore.

Megaton3068d ago


I liked it. All game you're told you can't win by conventional means. Reapers are a race of monolithic monsters, way more powerful than anything in the known galaxy. Shepard's ego and pride lead him to try to win by conventional means anyway, leading to full extinction and the cycle continuing. In the new Stargazer scene it is confirmed that the next cycle defeated the reapers, cleaning up after a foolish Shepard's mess. Fitting result for renegade stubbornness.

Would it have been cool for you to be able to triumph with high enough EMS? Definitely, but the way it stands today is more in tune with the lore. You're not supposed to be able to "pew pew pew" your way to victory against the reapers.

Godmars2903068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Point is that you should have been able to reason/argue your way to a win in the middle of the big conclusive battle. Especially with the example of the Geth and Quarians of how the Reapers contribute to a problem they were supposedly created to solve.

The real FU from the ending for me is that you don't earn the scene with the starchild, a character who's just dropped in from out of nowhere, but that the whole thing happens out circumstance. Sheppard's just along for the ride.

Blacktric3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

"All game you're told you can't win by conventional means."

They said a similar thing in Mass Effect 2, with the final mission being also called the suicide mission and everything. And guess what was one of the possible outcomes? That's right; kicking Collectors' asses, not losing even a single squadmate or crewmate and giving the Illusive Man the middle finger in the end, IF you played your cards right. And what do we have in Mass Effect 3? Four miserable as f*ck endings with miserable outcomes that still ignores all of your previous decisions and focusing on the EMS and the preset stuff that Bioware put. The whole point of the game is being able to play it your way. Having an extremely unique playthrough than what others have. And the whole point of Shepard as a character is that he/she defied impossible odds in the previous games. Why he/she can't do the same or maybe something similar? And what the hell happened to the "your previous decisions, even from Mass Effect 1 may come and bite you in the ass" part Bioware?

Megaton3068d ago

Hardly the same thing. Bugged out Prothean leftovers vs. sentient synthetic/organic hybrids that have exterminated all advanced life at its climax for millions of years.

Blacktric3068d ago

Hundreds if not thousands of "Bugged out Prothean leftovers" against 20+ people going against them in their home turf VS. thousands of sentient warships that are conventionally hard to destroy against billions of people and thousands of warships made by different races with different advantages. Odds look extremely similar to me. And if you add how the ending went on a straight path on top of that, it seems that Bioware are just cheap bastards.

Megaton3068d ago

You're confusing numbers with durability and strength. There's nothing that makes the collectors an unstoppable force like the reapers. Apples and oranges.

NosoleeToxin3063d ago

I didn't mind the new ending that much, but it did seem kind of a fu but that's what you get for saying fu to the person holding all the cards.