Diablo Dialogue: Magic Find Gear Feedback

Blizzplanet's Diablo Dialogue videocast host Chris "The Bearded Gamer" Arnone discusses Blizzard's request for feedback concerning how Magic Find Gear should work.

The developers have heard the complaints,and they are willing to change things around to make the game more appealing.

A Blizzard representative mentioned the World of Warcraft subscription payments will be payable through the Diablo III Real-Money Auction House (RMAH) very soon.

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Medievaldragon2691d ago

I do have many complaints about Diablo III, but I'm satisfied the developers reach out to the community for feedback, and that they are flexible.

I remember a few patches ago, it was nigh impossible to kill Izual and Rakanoth. Izual was not even tankable. He would one-shot or two-shot Monk tanks. Now I can sit there and take a load of hits from Izual standing still. The ice damage doesn't do much of a tickle.

Maybe too nerfed now, but at least you can go past him to reach Diablo in Inferno-difficulty mode.