Sony's Hirai: We Won't Promote PS2 Games - End of the road for PS2 support?

Spong writes: Kaz Hirai, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), has raised some interesting questions regarding his company's strategy regarding PS3 backward compatibility and the future of PS2 gaming.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Hirai said, "We want to promote games only available for PlayStation 3. The introduction of the 40-gigabyte model is in line with that strategy".

Before the crashing tedium of fanboy ranting begins elsewhere, let's analyse the statement:

Hirai did not say, "We only want to promote games available for PlayStation 3".

So, don't read this as "We won't promote non-exclusives". It would be insane for Sony not to co-promote non-exclusives such as Assassin's Creed or Smackdown vs Raw, which would help sell hardware.

What this re-statement of intent is more likely to mean is that days of the PlayStation 2 are well and truly numbered.

At this point, spong likes to remind you of Kaz's assertion that, "The introduction of the 40-gigabyte model is in line with that strategy.''

One of the most notable missing features of the 40GB PS3 is its lack of backwards compatibility. Doesn't it appear counter-intuitive to drop backwards compatibility and also pull support from PS2 itself?
Not if Sony plans to shift its focus with regard to PS2 games towards making them available over the PlayStation Network as legacy titles, or 'PlayStation Originals'?

That is, of course, a bit of a stretch - but it remains a possibility nonetheless. A possibility that could be supported by a recently spotted job vacancy for someone to work on PS3 backwards compatibility, in spite of the fact that Sony's most prevalent PS3 model has none.

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The Killer4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

everybody knows it has games now they are cheap and in 1000's and its a DVD player!
i think people(casual people in specific) need to know more about ps3 and its capabilities! here in where i live middle of europe didnt even heard of the notion BLUE RAY PLAYERS or HD-DVD, and certainly they dont know about ps3 can run OS or brows internet or wireless etc!
they should focus now on ps3 and psp!

marinelife94658d ago

2009 will be the last year for PS2's 10 year run. It's a mixed bag for Sony because they make a profit on each PS2 sold let alone on the games themselves. But for long term profitability they have to let it go because the PS2's existence hurts PS3 sales.

Cyrus3654658d ago

1.1 I think that's what they want to do. As for every PS2 sold right now, that likely means there not getting a PS3 for awhile.

killer_trap4658d ago

oh well.........thank you for the good times PS2, you'll surely be missed.

ravinash4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

One thing I'm concerned about (not for my self as I have a 60GB model) is if they only sell the non BC model and stop selling PS2, there will be no way for people who already own PS2 games on disk to play them. This would force them to buy the game again through PSN.
I know that at the moment their only talking about the marketing, but one day they will stop making PS2s. Hopefully by that stage PS3 model will be released with BC again.
Or the PS4 had just come out with BC.

killer_trap4658d ago

i don't think he said anything about stopping the ps2 production. they'll keep making ps2s for 2 more years at least.

and no true gamer would get rid of his game console. i do have the 60GB ps3 and my ps2 is where it belongs now(in the retiered console drawer next to NES,SNES,NEO-GEO....exctra)

give a console away you say..............i'd rather give away money, it's a lot more helpful.

ravinash4658d ago

I understand what your getting at....but machines break down over time. So as long as there is an option to use your original game cd it should be fine. thats the only point I was trying to make.

coolfool4658d ago

Although they haven't said it I think it is only a matter of time before they stop manufacturing and selling the PS2. I think this will coincidently (or not conincidently as the case may be) be timed with the announcement that backwards compatibility will make a return.

BC is an important feature for me and unfortunately I didn't get a 60Gb model so I think I will wait for the BC PS3 when it returns......*fingers crossed*

BrianC62344658d ago

Sony isn't stopping their support of the PS2. What Hirai most likely meant was Sony won't be spending marketing money advertising PS2 games. The marketing people will be pushing the PS3. And why not? The PS2 is the past. The PS3 is the future. But it doesn't mean you kill the old console off like Microsoft did with the Xbox. You keep selling the PS2 and games as long as people want it.

By the way, the PS2 is really cheap now. If you're worried about your PS2 dying and having no way to play old PS2 games maybe you should buy a new PS2 and pack it away. Then you can use it if your PS2 dies. I'm not worried about it myself. I have a 60GB PS3 that can play PS2 games.

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pornflakes4658d ago

Although iam an xbox360 fanboy i have to say that Sony does it right. Time to promote ps3 games only. the PS2 has done its job very good with a very long lifetime. But also SOny boys have to say "good bye" to the good old ps2.

BrianC62344658d ago

It's way too soon to say goodbye to the PS2. It has lots of great games that are still worth playing. Too bad the Xbox was killed so young. It could have kept going another couple years at least. But Microsoft has figured out they need to do things the way Sony does. Keep supporting the old console.

One reason I believe this is a good idea though is younger kids are usually a generation behind. Kids can't be trusted with a $300+ console and $60 games. The PS2 is now really cheap and the games are dirt cheap. Now their parents can buy them a PS2 and they can play a lot of great old games. Would you trust a seven year old with 360 games? And I mean taking care of them.

Xeikon4658d ago

Time for the PS2 to join the big system dump in the sky...

No one can complain, no system has ever had the level of support given to the PS2.

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