What Could Be Worse Than the Mass Effect 3 Ending?

Wesley Copeland of VGI and Newbsround reports:

"Let's face it. The ending of Mass Effect 3 was a salad bowl of disappointment. They gave us a thirty-plus hour game with an epic story, and then saw fit to have an ending that didn't answer all 4731 questions we the fans had!"

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zeal0us2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

-An ending where the credits just roll and nothing being explained.

-Just beat the final boss and the power goes out. Also you forgot to save.


-Must buy DLC to the true ending

Lovable2687d ago

Haha great job listing it.

maddfoxx2686d ago

Sounds like the ending to Final Fantasy 13-2

deletingthis346753342686d ago

Square-Enix fails harder than BioWare...

Mounce2686d ago


Only 0.001% of the worlds' population has ever seen the ending. You whiny babies. ME3 hate train should die out, its ending was fine and apparently, statistically, majority of 'fans' are satisfied with the extended cut.

VanguardOfCalamity2686d ago

hmmmm.... something worse than the Mass Effect 3 Ending? ..... tough one..... I did hear a story of a guy getting his **** cut off and thrown in the tall grass...but is that as bad as the Mass Effect 3 ending???? maybe a draw XD

joab7772686d ago

You know what is worse than the ME3 ending? No Mass Effect at all...ever. Nothing. Just a big empty void that would leave us empty as gamers...and we would never know why. Yes, it is too bad that the ending wasn't as epic as the games but what can u do? I think what hurts the most is that it was all set up for the perfect cliffhanger ending that answered the questions we had, had choice, and had a huge twist, leaving us wanting more with our jaws on the floor. If any game had ever had the opportunity to blow our minds, it was ME. If u have ever watched star trek, u know what I mean. The possibilities were limitless. But, as I said, it would b worse to have nothing. Here's to hoping they have such a bad taste in their mouth that they make a 4th to do it right. It can be done & it can b done well if they are given the chance.

Lord_Sloth2686d ago

*wouldn't notice it's disappearance, especially since Dragon's Dogma*

Army_of_Darkness2686d ago

It's boring as shit in my opinion. I couldn't force myself to go any further after 2hrs. in...

Rob Hornecker2686d ago

Oh I know....How about ME4 sequel that sucks more than ME3 did!!!!