Good Night Mr Snoozleberg: Pocket Gamer Review

Sleepwalking is something most of us grow out of as we leave childhood. Stories about waking up naked in neighbours' gardens or breakfast time discoveries of a suspiciously yellowed refrigerator interior filled the playground with shrieks of laughter and gasps, and we told the tales again and again.

Mr Snoozleberg however, is a more mature sleepwalker, and furthermore a man whose position in society would be toppled by allegations of night time shenanigans were he to be discovered. He's an esteemed diplomat, and apparently is charming, likable and inoffensive, but he has a fondness for extremely risky somnambulism.

Mr Snoozleberg is certainly a basic game, but its charm wins you over. It's not explicitly a comedy title, yet the constant stream of silliness combined with some wonderfully daft presentation will make you titter and snigger, and the titular Snoozleberg is irresistible as the hapless and oblivious lead.

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