The Hotspot Gaming Podcast: 1/22/08 Episode

Check out the 1/22/08 episode of Gamespot's own podcast The Hotspot.

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eddierivera4663d ago

There wasnt any real news about video games for like 30 mins, Isnt that what gaming news should be about? Maybe it sucked cause Ryan wasnt on the show, I dont know, but I do know that I wont be missing alex that much, he was cool , but he was really biased about video games. Specially towards the ps3.

Ive heard enough of gamespot, that gay guy on the show really creeps me out with his soft toned voice,, ewww,, YOu can tell that he loves eating D!CK, and im not even trying to be funny. Fat Ryan is all that gamespot has left, and you can tell by the look in his eyes that he misses Jeff, and you can see that he feels out of place. Thats a shame,,,

Jeff gurstman is back on podcasting, and he does a really good job at IGN. He really outshines the whole podcast with his witty jokes and personality. If only jeff and ryan could podcast together again,, it would be podcast heaven.

BTW, n4g has the best podcast out there, They are true gamers, not just dudes getting paid to review games,,, I think they are the next hotspot.