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predator4662d ago

cool, ill have to try this out when i finnish work

Neurotoxin4662d ago

Preds could you let us know what its like mate. Cheers.

P4KY B4662d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

I got a 30 day ban from the Forza 2 auction house for having an Eric 'Hitler' Cartman paintjob on my car. With a small swastika on his arm.

Yet a game about Nazis invading New York is acceptable!

Double standards from M$

to The-Only-Truth, Wow, it seems that your into totalatarinism yourself.

The-Only-Truth4662d ago

MS should have lifetime banned you + invade your room and melt down your 360. And even ALL that, would have been too less of a punishment...

Mr Marbles4661d ago

the problem with being pro evil like you, is you no longer have the right to complain about injustice, since you think Hitler is cute, you can hardly complain about any unfairness you think MS is dishing out.
The presence of evil is the absence of God, the absence of God is the absence of order, no order equals no fairness.
So shut up and deal with it, you get banned and this game lives on, oh well, there is no right or wrong in the world you have chosen.

R M Spender4661d ago

i was just about to auction off my lil hitler porche, i woulda been banned for at least 30 days... but it looks so cool!!

P4KY B4661d ago

The Japanese and Russians were just as bad the Nazis, yet somehow people forget that all to easily.

I've seen plenty of CCCP and Rising Sun cars on forza and I bet they didn't get banned.

All i did was a SouthPark car.

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toughNAME4662d ago

I'm so far behind in demos right now...BP was the last one i played

Snukadaman4662d ago

Ill download this tomorrow.

falviousuk4662d ago

oh dear oh dear oh dear .....

Its not very good at all, controls are pretty bad, jerky animations, jerky framerate, some texture pop in (its using unreal engine) and gameplay wise its pretty boring. another generic FPs with a WW2 theme, that just doesn't cut the mustard.

The only selling point here is it's an alternate future where Germany invades the USA. But thats not enough to save it from being a mediocre title. One for rental only or the budget bins down the line

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