Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut - Does It Fix Anything? | Total Revue

"After all the fussing, fighting and downright mudslinging, Bioware have released the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut in the hope that it placates fans and gives them the closure they feel they deserve. But what exactly is the Extended Cut and what does it do for the ending of Mass Effect 3?"

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EditorAtGNG2696d ago

It does give more closure, but not a lot. There were some downright silly moments (SPOILERS) like the Normandy coming to save your teammates, some great moments, like the Control Ending which was my favorite (and the Femshep naration)... the rest was, just meh.

joeyjoeyjoejoe2696d ago

Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler
I still destroyed the Reapers...they are just too dangerous to live...and besides..I promised Tali that I would come back for her

Blacktric2696d ago

Other endings are just plain silly anyway. You are literally stop giving yourself into what Illusive Man thought was right instead of what you fought for, and end up being either controlling the Reapers, which I am sure is completely safe and does not have a chance of f*cking something up in the future, or turning every living being into half synthetic which is even worse to think about. With destroy, Geth and EDI dies but you destroy the Reapers and that Starchild a**hole for good. The broken tech can be repaired easily anyway so that is not a problem. And more importantly, Shepard lives. Needs of the many, in this case the whole galaxy, outweighs the needs of the few, as in the synthetics including Geth and EDI.

joeyjoeyjoejoe2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Plus...admiral Hacket said they can repair what is broken...maybe they can repair EDI?...if there is a backup

Blacktric2696d ago

If you think that the energy released by Crucible is unlike anything we have ever seen and that even a simple EMP can completely destroy a hard drive... I honestly don't think so. And introducing that possibility would have made most people choose the Destroy ending anyway.

Brixxer6002696d ago

I'm not sure if i'll even bother downloading and going through the final mission again.