PS Blog: Resistance 2 Officially Unveiled

As you may have seen elsewhere on the internet, Resistance 2 was officially unveiled in the latest issue of Game Informer which is on sale now. Game Informer's website has some additional information, including a video interview with Ted Price.

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Xeikon4658d ago


imagine that, LBP, KZ2, R2 betas, i wouldnt have to buy a game for months!

HeartlesskizZ4658d ago

I dont think they would have a beta with KZ2 beta coming soon if it comes at all but RFOM2 beta will be the best Insomniac can come up with before the release =D

Genki4658d ago

but hey, this is just the start of it. The good thing about this game is that there's no stigma attached to it like their is Killzone, so Sony and Insomniac can be a bit more liberal with the info they give us as it approaches release.

I only want to know a few things, though, because I think some games get ruined with over-saturated exposure.

Clance4658d ago

Just Look at him!

I loved the first, can't wait for this....

Wonder if in number 3 you will be completely evil and fighting against the soldiers. What an opportunity they have for this franchise.

Look at the bastard with his red eyes! Rock 'n' Roll.....

jonboi244657d ago

damn insomniac how can they make hits after hits. do they get any sleep? big props for insomniac for get this game out there. i mean we knew it was coming but damn this soon. hope its every bit as good as the first one and maybe even more.

rushbd4657d ago

they have internal q/a facility.