Thirteen new Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII scans in HQ

All of Famitsu's scans are now online in the highest possible quality.

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zambrota4664d ago

this game will be huge in 2008

Vash_The_Stampede4664d ago

Yeah I agree, waiting for crisis core to hold me over till this game arrives. My preorders are starting to get harder and harder to manage with all this PS3 goodness around.

krackchap4664d ago

both final fantasy tite look outfukstanding.
someone needs to do a comparision with lost odyssey. bwahahahahaaha

zambrota4664d ago

i think i will cancel my preorders for all other games

Uncharted killed my gaming habit last year

I sold my COD4 and Untreal Tournament 3 as soon as i was done with Uncharted.

Graphically Uncharted has raised the bar to such a high point that it is tough to choose anything else which doesnt have the graphics/fun factor as good as uncharted's

Bebedora4664d ago

was pure fun from the first frame to the end.

I am holding myself to not play it through again till I get myself a FullHD tv.

krackchap4664d ago

uncharted was just the beginning guys
the real fun starts with MGS4, reistance, GT5, FF13 series, heavy rain etc etc etc

KDash4664d ago

to play this game! simply the best i've seen so far... SE GO!

UnblessedSoul4664d ago

Games of the century confirmed

zambrota4664d ago

Game of 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012 confirmed

gano4664d ago

I need more info. SQUARE MUTHAF&#KING ENIX BIT*H!!!!!! ....calms down...

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The story is too old to be commented.