Rainbow Moon Trophy List

Complete trophy list for Rainbow Moon.

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guitarded772692d ago

Full trophy support... nice. I hope this gets ported to Vita too.

Rockefellow2692d ago

Vita support is currently being considered, and it's likelihood is directly based on the sales of this game on PSN.

guitarded772692d ago

Yeah, I saw their comment on the PS Blog. It's be perfect for Vita.

Rockefellow2691d ago

Agreed. I'd much rather take RPG's and the like on the go, especially when they're already fitted for PSN and of such great length. I mean, 40+ hours? A Vita version with cross-compatibility would be perfect for work, college, and those awfully timed moments when Taco Bell forces itself out of my bowels.

sypher2692d ago

Just bought it, downloading at the moment. Also if you search Rainbow Moon in PSN you can download a free Starter Kit.

Furesis2692d ago

europe's psn it's not just UK people seems to forget that

sypher2692d ago

Yeh EU PSN at the moment. Next Tuesday for USA PSN

Rockefellow2692d ago

So excited for this game.