Major Japanese Talent Confirmed For GDC '08 - Final Fantasy, Lost Odyssey, Killer 7 Devs Join Feb Line-up

Gameindustry reports the developers behind some of Japan's biggest franchises will be delivering sessions at next month's Game Developers Conference, boosting the line-up for the February event.

Two of the team behind Square Enix's epic Final Fantasy franchise will be at the event, with general manager for technical research Taku Murata discussing the company's work on a new game engine for FF XIII, while art director Isamu Kamikokuryo will discuss the art style of the series in an interview with Bungie's Steve Theodore.

Ray Nakazato will be delivering a session on Lost Odyssey, the Xbox 360 exclusive RPG co-created by Mistwalker and Microsoft Game Studios' FeelPlus team, to address what did and didn't work on the original project.

The latest addition to the audio track is a session from Masafumi Takada, who will be delivering a retrospective of his work from Killer 7, God Hand, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and No More Heroes.

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Darkiewonder4656d ago

I hope GDC becomes more Multi-cultural in the future! This is an awesome way to start!

jonboi244656d ago

Wow GDC and CES are really picking it up with E3 being debunked last year. Great news hope we get to hear more about the games they are currently development like FF13.

Cyrus3654656d ago

Yeah quite big news, that these devs are coming over. I wonder what kind of surprises are in store. Last year GDC was the unvieling of Home and Little Big Planet...