EB Games Canada Power Sale: July 6th – 22nd, 2012 – Lots Of Good Deals

Saying that there are a lot of deals during the EB Games Canada July 2012 Two Week Power Sale is putting it lightly. There is a total of 4 different pages of deals, ranging from free games with systems, 25% off Ubisoft titles, and up to 50% off of a big selection of different games.

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strangelove2697d ago

I live in such a far off place we don't even have stores let alone sales.

strangelove2697d ago

Middle of nowhere, Iowa. The closest game store is a two hour drive.

TrendyGamers2697d ago

I guess that means a lot of online ordering?

strangelove2697d ago

Online orders and thrift stores are where its at. But it kills me seeing all these "65% off instore! Not online!" sales. Every time!

Yawnier2697d ago

May pick up the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection for $20. Maybe Sonic Generations as well.

TrendyGamers2697d ago

Shadow of the Colossus by itself is $10 on the PSN for PS+ members if you didnt want Ico.

khan_saab2696d ago

these deals are good but I hate to admit it but the deals from last year looked better then this. cant wait to see the deals of the day starting tommorow. I picked up a lot of these games used on boxing day at eb games and now i have a backlog of 54 games.