TGS06: Lost Planet multiplayer images

A little bit late, here are the multiplayer images Capcom released from Lost Planet. Looking healthy, as always.

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Antan5844d ago

Very impressive. Should be a belter!!

Ravenator5295844d ago

I know many people have been talking constantly about GOW but I really feel that Lost Planet may end up being a better game.

At least we have been able to demo it! We already know its gonna be good just from that alone.

TheMART5844d ago

Ow I just prey for this X06 week a demo of Lost Planet on marketplace, MP experience, wouldn't that be nice.

SHould be possible seen the progression on the game and MP working in place!!! For real. F.E.A.R. demo today, tomorrow Lost Planet? Paalleeaassseeeeee

Ravenator5295844d ago

There has been a demo for Lost Planet in Marketplace since E3!

Where have you been?

TheMART5844d ago


And don't forget: Testdrive had one also, but also an early build. I would like to see a last build with other levels. The screens look so much better then @ E3

Antan5844d ago

Yeah, the early teast drive demo wasn`t a fair reflection on the final release.

LostSoul5844d ago

This game looks awesome! Off Topic: Do you think Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon will help MS in Japan?

360 loosers choice5844d ago

Sorry this game graphically doesn't cut it, but mabye that's due to the 360 not been able to cut it, eiither that or it's because it's a rush job!

Marriot VP5844d ago

If you knew anything about large scale console projects you'd know that they WOULDN'T of changed a thing about the 360 if they delayed it 6 months. The inner workings are way to sensitive and complex, numb nuts.

your worthless, no one reads your comments

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