5 Alternatives to console gaming

These days pretty much anything with a screen can be used to play games.

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Wizziokid2686d ago

there are only two alternatives for me pc and mobile, the rest don't appeal to me at all, especially facebook

ATi_Elite2686d ago

With the improvement of the Cloud all these platforms will slowly see the same games.

Next Gen will be about platform integration. Playing your game on any platform at anytime.

All Hail Nvidia's Grid!!

Wizziokid2686d ago

That's the thing I enjoy about Cloud gaming as I said before, all you need is the good internet connection and hardware is irrelevant. hell you could play Crysis 2 on extreme via Ipad if your connection is good enough.

it totally eradication the need to upgrade your PC or Console again. however this could also see the downfall of the console, without the need to upgrade hardware, why bring out a new console.

h311rais3r2686d ago

My problem with cloud is u need MASSIVE bandwidth and the image ATM isn't as clear as an in system run game.

MaxXAttaxX2686d ago

If I can't play first party games from Sony and Nintendo, along with plenty of other console multiplats with proper controls and community, then these are nowhere near being good alternative.

saladthieves2686d ago

I'll take anything (cloud gaming, mobile gaming etc...) anything BUT facebook.

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GaryOak2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Hopscotch is better than 99.9% of all Facebook and Mobile games.

CanadianTurtle2685d ago

This should be called 5 ways to dumb down your gaming experience, well except for the PC part.