Sony Postpones Japanese PSP Skype Launch

Kotaku reports:

"The Japanese launch of Skype for the PSP, originally slated for late-January, has been postponed due to issues with Sony's official microphones. Apparently some of the microphone's components failed to meet Skype's necessary certifications, and rather than launch the service with no official peripherals to accommodate it, Sony have put the entire launch on ice. No new date has been set for the launch, Sony only saying "solutions to enable users to start using Skype features and services on their PSP are being sought for and will be announced in due course". Sucks for Japan! Might suck for everyone else, too, as they're most likely the exact same headphones due to be shipped to the West for our launch. We'll update you when we get more info from SCEE and SCEA".

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gano4660d ago

Start that again sony......

kapedkrusader4660d ago

I hope everyone reads this post, because I've grown tired of people saying, "Honestly who will use Skype on their PSP?" or "Their fees are more than my cellphone." Obviously, you have never traveled internationaly. I often leave this country for work and used to find myself buying expensive phonecards to call home, then when I realized that skype-to-skype was available for free I used that, but I was still paying for time on a hotel computer or had to carry my laptop everywhere. This addition will make buying PSP pay for itself. Think big people, this will revolutionize the cost of local/international calls, now that Skype is becoming more mainstream how long before people stop excepting to pay $100+ per month just to have internet accesibility on their limited cellphone with high $1.00+ per minute for anywhere outside of the U.S. Please click if you agree or disagree below, I would like to know what everyone else thinks.