How EA is taking multiplayer gaming back to the 90s

Is introducing player-controlled server lists to console gaming a good idea? VideoGamer discusses how EA's technical behemoth is also a step backwards.

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Drabent2695d ago

Rent-a-server has ruined the game plain and simple.

Hufandpuf2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

It helps to favorite servers you like.

ItsMeAgain2694d ago

They should be offered for free.

TheSaint2694d ago

Which then disappear after people stop paying for them.

Tonester9252695d ago

Have you played BF2 on the PC? Was it this way as well?

JsonHenry2695d ago

I disagree. Rent/own a server is awesome. Don't like custom game modes/mods/maps/modifiers? Just play on servers that are default map/game modes only with anti-cheat turned on.

Easy as that.

Drabent2694d ago

Clans that hack into walls that you can't even C4 kill, morons that kick you if you kill them 2-4 times in a row etc...etc...etc...etc....

yoyo121212695d ago

If you don't like it just type in dice into the search bar and all the dice official servers show up

Skate-AK2694d ago

Very hard to do seeing as how it seems like PS3 only has 5 hardcore servers and they are always full.

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jdktech20102695d ago

They've done this on BC2 as well (at least on PC) and it works fine. There are always plenty of servers that don't ban for no reason and are a lot of fun to play on.

Rifkens2695d ago

The guy who wrote this obviously hasn't played ANY PC games.

The whole point of customising the game is to get rid of crap like noobtubes, limiting sniper rifles per team or even removing specific maps out of the rotation.

Be happy with what DICE/EA gave the console version of BF3 because the PC players arent happy with their web browser based server browser.

310dodo2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Rent a server has def ruined finding any "original" game rooms.
all these kids name their servers DICE and they put 500 tickets lol
and I have been booted from matches solely because I was owning.

but Id rather play BF3 anyday then the competition game.

f7897902695d ago

That's the only problem I see with it. In BF3 most of the original maps on servers also have 1000 tickets and it completely destroys the game. I don't want to play on a single map for 40 minutes!

Hopefully when the dlc mania dies down, there will be some good permanent servers that I can favorite.

SKUD2695d ago

I disagree. Thousand ticket servers don't ruin the game. It can be a challenging marathon. Also gives you a chance to fight all over the map and control points. My best match experiences were on high ticket servers. Literally coming down to just a difference of 1 ticket. This is on the PC though.

I consider the lower ticket servers as speed round breaks. COD style time limit. Not much battle.

yoyo121212695d ago

500 tickets I can deal with but 1000? Really?
That's a little insane I don't have time to sit there and play a single map for a hour

Tru_Blu2695d ago

rent a server sucks. At least give the option to play rented or official. I'm pretty good at jets and get banned from so many servers cause I'm 'hacking'

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