Five Reasons Why ‘The Walking Dead’ Might Be The Game Of The Year

Blown away by the powerful storytelling and nail-biting tension of Telltale’s unexpectedly magnificent downloadable series, Mark Butler gives his thoughts on why the narrative-based adventure could prove to be the finest gaming experience of 2012.

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TrendyGamers2694d ago

Depending on the quality of episodes 3 and 4, it has a chance.

shodan742694d ago

Absolutely. I really hope the next few episodes continue to be as strong. If so, it'll turn out to be a fantastic series.

DanJenkoFMV2693d ago

It certainly has a chance but the remaining episodes will have to be really, really good to compete with Journey.

With so many titles being pushed back to 2013 though, (The Last of Us, BioShock Infinite etc), there's no reason why The Walking Dead can't do it.

Gamescares2693d ago

Game of the Year? Behave....

JKelloggs2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

I'll decide when I finally get my hands on Episode 2

But with just Episode 1, it's still a pretty beasty game

nofallouthero2693d ago

i think it could be really amazing if there willing to make the ultimate move and have clem die (shes my favorite character by the way) by having a child charatcher die in your game that gamers care about could push it in to greatness.

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