Edge Review: The Club 7/10

Edge states The Club is best described as a lightgun game with full motion control, a somewhat bizarre creation; it's a score-attack version of The Running Man, structured like a racer and outfitted with Manhunt's grim, contemporary aesthetic. In fact, this last aspect may well be to the game's detriment – aside from being fairly lacking in charisma, the gritty, urban environments and bland roster of grizzled stereotypes fit the mould of a more conventional shooter. The decision not to go for a braver, more abstract design can only hurt the game in the long run, when consumers are disappointed that it's not Call Of Duty 4.

The distance between these titles is well summarized by Bizarre Creations' own description of The Club as a racing game in which each enemy combatant is a corner. For the most part this comparison holds up. The series of tournaments, grouped by location, are divided up into a number of single events, each of which plots a different route through the same environment.

You can't help but feel that perhaps the game's presentation as a gritty shooter creates expectations for its combat system that run contrary to the game's actual mechanics: underneath the mundane masculinity and grimy gun-toting clichés lies a heavily structured and well-considered score-attack game – one that's worth excavating for all the short-lived interest it holds.

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permutated4662d ago

Played the demo, absolutely loved it.

Will be buying it upon release day.

Baba19064662d ago

have to test it. from the videos i saw i really hated it. but a 7 from edge is quite good. hope teh demo comes to europe soon.

crematory4661d ago

this game looks style
but i will wait first till demo to release

Cyrus3654661d ago

I want to check out the demo, seems like an interesting twist to 3rd person/FPS shooter type games.