Tomb Raider “attempted rape” overblown because videogames are interactive

IncGamers: Tomb Raider global brand manager Karl Stewart has weighed in on the whole “attempted rape” issue that has dominated news stories regarding Lara’s upcoming adventure.

Stewart believes that the whole issue surrounding the episode has been blown up because of the fact that videogames are an interactive medium.

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Summons752694d ago

no "attempted rape" overblown because the people who did are absolute morons that want to cry about everything

Mr_cheese2694d ago

Boundaries should be pushed for a wider understanding. It happens in the real world so why shouldn't it be acknowledged in other formats?

Irishguy952694d ago

Games still have the 'for kids' stamp

fossilfern2694d ago

But isnt the average age of a gamer like 37 or something ? Though im no where near my 30s but I think games should be taken more seriously

Bimkoblerutso2694d ago

Yeah, and it's idiotic, ignorant parents and politicians and advocacy groups walking around with the stampers. It's why so many idiots STILL complain when a child "gets a hold" of an overtly violent, sexual, or otherwise mature game when in fact the industry hasn't been geared towards a younger demographic for close to 20 years.

...not that I actually think that's the case here. This whole thing had more to do with traffic-hungry journalists, I think.

Princess_Pilfer2694d ago

What about the "attempted rape" in heavy rain? Or when a psychopath tries to sodimise the female lead with a power drill? No outcry then. Its a ****ing game people. This is the same stupidity that let those kids try to blame their driveby on GTA a few years back.

PooEgg2694d ago

Why is Tomb Raider any worse then what you get on most crime shows? What you see on Criminal Minds or CSI goes way beyond 'attempted' and often involves murder as well as assault. I don't get it.

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