Aliens: Colonial Marines leaves women out of multiplayer, spurs petition

Xbigy Games Writes: Sometimes we really do not understand why games developers are so odd. I swear that sometimes they sit in their evil lairs, twirling their stupidly long moustaches and hatching a way of randomly annoying people. Gearbox are the latest team to aggravate a group of people, and they are pretty big group too - women.

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The Meerkat2693d ago

I often go a female character in Halo because the model is ever so slightly smaller, even though the hit boxes are the same. Even a 1% advantage will add up over thousands of games.

Same way that on Goldeneye 64 everyone wanted to be Oddjob in multiplayer because he was tiny and harder to see.

CustardTrout2693d ago

Forgot about HALO I must admit, I tend to play as a woman in games given the option, not too sure why.

aliengmr2693d ago

F***ing Oddjob. Nobody was allowed to pick him when we played.

DrRobotnik2693d ago

Odd Job!!! Karate chops to the knees all day!

tigertron2693d ago

Whilst I play as male Spartans I do play as Alicia Valera in Gears 3 because I think shes awesome and also because I think shes a bit harder to hit being smaller than the big guys.

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Bathyj2692d ago

They mostly always have alot of guys,


Wizziokid2693d ago

A large amount of multiplayer games have all male characters, it's just become kind of a norm, you look at COD and Battlefield the two main FPS titles and they have no woman.

I think in some cases, people would rather see men die than woman, sexiest as that may seem

rezzah2692d ago

The maiden in distress, it is a western cultural thing.

Also if she happens to be white and blonde then the majority of men will become illogical to reason.

user54670072693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

They should of gotten Sigourney Weaver to voice Ripley and have her as a multiplayer character...I mean this is Alien, where a women manages to survive all odds.

Hell even Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus would be a nice edition

Lambert from Alien
Private Jenette Vasquez from Aliens
Annalee Call from Alien Resurrection

I really think they should do a game based on Ripley next...maybe as a third person shooter instead. Sigourney Weaver said she would love to play the role again in any form.

Pozzle2693d ago

Kinda strange for this to happen in an Alien game considering the series is well known for having a kickass female heroine (Ripley). And if they already have female character models in the single player mode, why not just bring them over to multiplayer? Very strange indeed...

Wingsfan242693d ago

That's what I was thinking.

wicko2693d ago

There's a reason for this.. it's a lot of time and effort to make a female rig that has the same animation set as the male player rig but adjusted for females. Then any other animations that might involve a player rig (such as a third person animation of an alien pouncing on a player) also have to match the new female rig.

If the male animations were mocapped that means they'd have to go back to the mocap studio and perform all the same animations with a female actor. You'll also have to record female voice overs. In the end you'll have to make sure it all fits on the DVD.

Not as easy as most people might think it is. A lot of time, effort and money for very little payoff.

Fez2693d ago

I think they have women in the singleplayer though. (correct me if I'm wrong?)

wicko2693d ago

They may have, but that's still a bit different from what you need in multiplayer. They can reuse some animations but there's a lot of animations that aren't used in singleplayer.

Fez2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Same with men...

And they probably do just reuse the SP animations because as you say "A lot of time, effort and money for very little payoff."

wicko2692d ago

Yeah but the point is the male rigs are already made.. but you missed my point about the SP animations - the SP animations will be nowhere near enough, there are a lot of MP specific animations that are needed for playable characters that won't exist in SP.

Either way, this is why, and it's pretty clear that those disagreeing with me have never worked on a game before..

Fez2692d ago

Fair point if more animations are required for multiplayer. I know like pretty much nothing about mocap and animation but I was under the impression that the same animations can be used on different character models? And often the same animations are used for characters of different height/sex?

Regardless, it's not a technical issue I have with your points it's a logical one.
Unless they are reusing assets from a previous game that only had male animations they will have had to create the male rigs at some point during development. And if women are in the singleplayer same for female. So the question is why did they put men in multi but not women in a series renowned for its strong women?

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