6 Mission Types in Games that Make Me Cringe

UM writes: While our games share many differences quest variety is not one of them, not usually at least. It doesn’t seem to matter what game I’m playing at some point I’ll have to rely on some embarrassingly bad AI for a critical quest or I’ll be forced to spend my time looting unimportant plot items like a squirrel preparing for winter.

It’s almost as if there is a finite amount of quests available for each game to choose from, leaving us to repeat them in many of the games we play. I’m not saying this makes these games bad, or that the quests themselves are bad, sometimes I’m even pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable they are, but some are definitely in need of retirement. After the jump I’ve compiled a list of six different mission or quest types that are either unnecessarily stressful, frustrating, or just plain boring.

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BuffMordecai2694d ago

The dreaded escort mission.