Five Exclusive Reasons To Still Be Excited About PS3 | TheSixthAxis

TSA: "There's still a good few games to come in the next year. Here are five of them, all exclusive to PlayStation."

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MrMister2689d ago

What do u mean "still"? Who stopped being excited about PS3? Between the Vita's cross play, PS Plus, the 40 exclusives between 2011-early 2013, who's not having fun? Looking for hits, brah?

Persistantthug2689d ago

As if what they saw at E3 with THE LAST OF US, BEYOND 2 SOULS and others just wasn't good enough or something.

I even had one guy a couple of days ago refute the fact that WATCH DOGS was professed by the Ubisoft guys to be a PS3 and XBOX 360 game, that somehow they must have been wrong or something.

At anyrate, I've had my PS3 since Jan 2009, and I don't want new consoles before holiday 2014....especially with a PS3....we might even be able to go longer.

sikbeta2689d ago

IF it's not over, we're getting close, I think GOW:A, B2S and TLoU are the last games for PS3 before all the big studios move on to fully support PS4, not to mention that some studios have separate teams working on next gen games already, like GOWIII Director and the U3 team, also MM and GG are working on new IPs and PD is always working on GT Franchise


Well, TLoU is @ the top of my list, followed by GOW:A and obviously Battle Royale, then I want to know more about Beyond and LBPK is coming already, so I have everything covered for now :D

Tonester9252689d ago

I'm not excited to spend all my money lol

Well spent?

Canary2689d ago

To the gaming Media, the PS3 is still frequently portrayed as the "weakest" of the 3 big platforms, and with both the Wii and 360 very obviously winding down....

2688d ago
Walker2689d ago

Sony always has best Exclusives !

TBM2689d ago

i dont need reasons it does what its suppose to do for me provide me with a variety of exclusives to go along with 3rd games, netflix, and the other video apps to use if i want to.

Siren302689d ago

The last of us and god of war are the only ones I care about

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