Cloverfield Monster Comes from Resistance?

Before you read this post you must be warned that if you have not seen the movie Cloverfield and intend to do so, don't read it as spoilers are present.

Geekpulp muses: "... had I seen those monsters before? Then it became clear, they were very similar to the Chimera in Resistance Fall of Man." Read the full post to find out more.

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zambrota4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

OH this is why Resistance now appears in Amazon and retailer charts of almost all countries.

EUROPE is indeed witnessing The Resistance

Cant wait for RESISTANCE movie

That will happen

xhi44664d ago

Yeah when i saw that I immediatly thought of resistance, not for the big thing but for the smaller creatures when the night vision came on.

The big one just reminded me of godzilla.

chrno64664d ago

The monster is actually in the poster itself. Take a closer look :P

Odion4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

this is what its based off of, a dragonfish


it comes from the sea and it looks like a dragonfish

or a viper
or even this dude from D2

zambrota4664d ago

That fish has no resemblance to the monster

did u actually scroll down to see the MONSTER

Odion4664d ago

also i saw the movie, he doesn't look at all like the RFOM dudes, just because they both have giant teeth doesn't mean crap

zambrota4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

The director himself praised Resistance


There is a 90% resemblance of the monster with the "Widowmaker ".

some might even say 100%

why argue unnecessarily?


just for u

Now do they look similiar?

Odion4664d ago

oh looks magic

wow that looks just like

which is suppose to look like the monster from cloverfield.

Premonition4663d ago

Arent you like over 20 or something, please act your age and stop trolling and posting retarded comments just to start something, go sit in the corner some where,

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m91058264664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Awesome movie monster. I went to the midnight showing (first time I had ever done so) with a buddy of mine. It's a very visceral experience.


EDIT: Yeah, it does look a lot like the leapers/rollers.
@Below: Yeah that's exactly what happened to me. I was on fandango, trying to find times for the next day, and they had it there for 11:59. There was like 6-inches of snow and ice on the ground that night (northern Virginia), but I called my buddy at like 10pm and was like, get your @ss out of bed, we're gonna see a movie. A very fun night, actually. Spontaneity rocks...

thedude176554664d ago

i was just prusing the movie sights and saw that it was coming out "thursday" night at 12:01 and bought tickets for my bro, cuz, and myself.
during the movie when you first saw the leapers, i guess, in the subway i def thought of resistance.

Rocko4664d ago

Then why the hell post this at all? This guys a f**kin dumbass.

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The story is too old to be commented.