Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Review [Game Rumble]

Game Rumble: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption brings back Samus Aran. It was an exclusive Metroid game for the Wii platform (the first Prime titles were remakes of some sort). Take the role of the famous and sexy female bounty hunter in this First Person Shooter (FPS) type of game and save the planet from corruption.

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Tsalagi2686d ago

Seriously? Little late for this don't you think?

gamerumble2686d ago

Does late mean it doesn't deserve another review?

Tsalagi2686d ago

Reviewing a 5 year old game to get hits for your site is ridiculous. Plenty of new stuff came out in July alone that could have been used.

Don't take my criticism the wrong way. Your site doesn't seem that bad from what i have seen. It looks very user friendly and has a lot of good info and reviews. I just think posting reviews on N4G for games months to years after they have released is little unnecessary.

gamerumble2685d ago

I get your point. Thanks, will keep that in mind next time.

Venox20082686d ago

absolutely great game, more people should play these series