Battlefield 3: How Fan-Run Servers Are Ruining DICE's Game

Eurogamer: "Has any game been more inescapable over the past 12 months than Battlefield 3? EA's biggest ever shooter has drowned the industry in a tsunami of orange and teal, dominating the headlines pre, during and post launch."

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PtRoLLFacE2688d ago

i don't mind fan servers, but i do hate the fact 98% of the time you lose a match is because there 3 people more in the other team!

t0mmyb0y2688d ago

Yes, this is why you lose.

JellyJelly2688d ago

Helicopters and jets are overpowered. That's my main reason for not playing BF3 anymore.

nolson102688d ago


Are you kidding me? Choppers got massively nerfed in recent patches with one hit stinger disables. DICE really jacked up the vehicles with patches. The way they worked from tank to chopper to jet whatever was all good and now its lame

orange-skittle2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

@Jelly-You must be crazy. Helicopters get blazed with a stinger missile. If the they drop flares it doesnt matter once you have 2 people shoot at the same time. One gets the flare, the other gets the copter. It's easy now. Tanks still take 4 RPG's to destroy.

What you people dont understand because you're whiners is the fact that...THEY PAY FOR THESE SERVERS, SO THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THE F-CK THEY WANNA DO

Blacktric2688d ago

The problem with them is the wide variety of rulesets for different playstyles that makes them ends up being statpadding servers. For instance there are flag capture only servers where killing is absolutely forbidden. Which are of course, used by people to boost their SPM.

rob200902688d ago

I got banned from a server for killing a guy shooting stingers at the attack chopper I was in.
I found it humorous.

Blacktric2688d ago

That is another f*d up thing. I got banned from a server in Bad Company 2 because I ran. And no I am absolutely not kidding. Just because I did run for like two second in a map like Heavy Metal, they banned me and that message appears after you getting kicked/banned said that I got banned because of running. I swear some people are flat out retarded...

jadenkorri2688d ago

i got banned from a server for destroying tanks/planes/helis. Me and 2 others find a good spot and were usually engineer, sniper, support. sniper is laser targeting/sniping, engineer is with the javelin destroying anything, and the support can refill and maybe mortar. It was conquest and it helps alot when they cant respond with any vehicles. Our team captured everything and we really didn't have much to do.

DeadlyFire2688d ago

Why do you guys worry about that. Being banned away from ignorance is a blessing.

tigertron2688d ago

People with power dude. They can do what they want for any reason no matter how retarded their reasons are.

I got banned on Halo CE once for flying a Longsword when I was suppossed to be playing some sort of role playing game with this team...

Da One2687d ago

I got banned for defending the objective in RUSH. I was playing sniper and i was constantly moving from spot to spot picking off the other team and killing any enemy that armed objective, and i would disarm the objective. I was banned simply for do the right thing.....punk ass admin

Kaneda2687d ago

I got ban for killing the admin twice..

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Man2bFree2688d ago

You can still get $20 from BB, if you trade it in before July 7th.

Hellsvacancy2687d ago

I traded mine in a while ago, ill probably buy it used again in afew months when the bigger dlc is here (which should of been ages ago)

geth1gh2688d ago

Good thing all the populated servers on the pc are legitimately ran and maintained by 3rd party clans and what.

Never had this problem.

But I have seen it on my room mates 360. Defiantly needs to be fixed there. Believe that's who this article is catered towards anyways, console at least.

Good luck guys! I have some fps problems on the pc for months till it finally got fixed. I learned to hate dice's maintenance during this process. Not to mention ina 2k+ thread on the issue on the battlelog site, not one official response from dice over 3 months...

DeadlyFire2688d ago

I do agree. PC has the best community servers. There are still some out there that do the same though. Its like this in every game somewhere. Consoles are a pit of this type of activity. There is the occasional server like this on PC platform. Majority of the time its run by someone that is 13 or so when this happens.

Tapioca Cold2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I have my own server and I got it because i like to play dice rules only. It's usually 24/7 rush but i need to play gun master at times to get people to join.

That said... I do boot people from time to time.

- If you are not helping the team you are on mine OR the opposing team you WILL get booted and banned. That goes for pussy snipers who hide ten miles away and do NOTHING for their team.

- AND for the guy on here complaining he got booted for running. YUP, that too. If i see some pussy sniper running away from the fight because he was shot or under duress, you will be booted. Be a man and die for the objective!

- Use any gun, attachment, ammo you want BUT...

I have no time for pussies scared to die a digital death. This game is not about K/D. It's about "W's" and if you don't like that that then go play COD!

The Mud Pit - Western US. all welcome (except pussies) Dice rules only!

NCAzrael2687d ago

Running is a perfectly valid option. When your squad is wiped out and you're the last person left, you run. You don't stand and fight and risk getting killed by yourself. You get to cover and let your squad spawn on you so that you have backup. Kicking someone for playing the game and not accepting a "digital death" is bullshit admining and doesn't deserve traffic.

And you can complain about snipers all you want, but the truth is they do a lot more for their team than you think. Every time that sniper kills you (because let's be honest, that's why you don't like it) he's removing a hostile from the map. If he hadn't shot you, you might have gotten the drop on one of his teammates, causing a capture point to go undefended and allowing you to take it. But because he killed you and made you mad, you instead kick him from your server for being a "pussy." Why not be a man and go after the sniper?

jib2687d ago

i disagree with the boot for running as well. engaging a fight isn't always the best option. sometimes you need to run to take better cover specially if you're outnumbered or for your squad to be able to spawn on you

how is dying part of the objective? staying alive also helps keep your tickets up

gcolley2687d ago

Dice rules only? sounds like your dumbass rules to me


Can't you lock weapons? Seens to me you just don't like snipers, lock the recon class or sniper rifles and you got what you want without having to act like a jerk.

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RememberThe3572688d ago

It bothered be too at first but now I have about 5 servers that are reliably good and if all those are full or empty and I can usually find a good one pretty quick. The only thing that bothers me now is getting into games with massive ticket counts.

DeadlyFire2688d ago

Guys. Just look at this. This will show you the true power of the administrator. haha. Banned! Love these clips.


I just watched the whole season, these is awesome! Bubbs up for the link!

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HarryMasonHerpderp2688d ago

I just want to be able to go back to playing on DICE servers they're near impossible to find now.

Yi-Long2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

... it's beyond ridiculous.

It's a complete mess online, trying to just find a normal stable Conquest map-rotation cycle is almost a challenge in itself.

Extremely annoying.

DICE broke their own game by making their own servers so difficult to find.

There should just be an option where you can search for and play on official servers ONLY!

I don't want to wade through endless crappy servers before finding a good one.

alien6262688d ago

have people ever use filter? easy to find a dice server.

synchroscheme2688d ago

I've been out of the BF3 loop for a long time now and upon returning to the game I tried renting a server for a day to see what all the jazz was about.

It was a normal Conquest Map-Rotation server with default tickets, nothing special, and we all had a lot of fun. Once the server expired I figured I may as well try out the servers that were already there and was surprised that over half of them were op metro 24/7. The worst map being played all of the time... no thanks. The rest were oddly set up and not very attractive either.

I'm starting to think that keeping your own server with a few buddies chipping in is the way to go. That way you know what you're getting into.

Soldierone2688d ago

The reason why I quit playing. I normally just did quick match, and now you can't do it at all without being put in some crappy custom server.

@above the 24/7 Metro maps also ruing stat tracking period....Sure you could technically play it 24/7 before, but they also made the games LONGER which means you will earn more ribbons per game and so on. It no longer has a "skill" factor with points....

irepbtown2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

It's harsh to say it is a complete mess. I'd say it can be a pain in the backside sometimes, but find the right server and it is bags of fun.

I'm lazy so I'll just quick match: Damavand Peak Rush mode. I tend to get into decent servers however I would prefer Dice servers. If they could do some that are easy to find. E.G. when you search for a game, the top ones are automatically Dice servers the rest are... you know, the rest.

Anyway, Battlefield 3 is still an amazing game.

PS: These 'problems' if thats what to call it, we can Tweet the dice team @Battlefield they will 100% give you a reply. Every problem/questions I've tweeted them I've got a reply and at times had a small convo.

You may think thats weird but atleast they engage with their fans/followers. Not alot of other devs do that.

glennco2688d ago

complete mess in australia. zero chance of playing certain maps in rush. there seems to be no options for me 50% of the time i turn the game on. how much longer do i put up with it before i stop playing. 3 map rotation on every single rush server is a complete joke.

i don't mind custom servers but we need DICE servers more.

you would think they were smarter than this. the amount of complaints must be massive and yet they have ignored the problem.

i want a refund for both the game and premium DICE or fix it now

OneAboveAll2688d ago

Learn to use the server filter. Search for [DICE] and a list of servers will come up. Then click on a server and check who the server owner is. If it says DICE then join.

Less herp, more derp.

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WeskerChildReborned2688d ago

It's just an inconvience to have to even look for them when their should just be a filter cause some people like to fake DICE accounts.

yoyo121212688d ago

Are you guys idiots?
Just type dice into the search filter and you'll see all of the hundreds of Dice servers owned by dice

TekoIie2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

I have favourited 8 EU DICE servers. I don't know what people are complaining about there's always a spot available in one of them.

If your too lazy to favourite DICE servers then I don't know how you get anything done in this world. Simple as that!

infamous-butcher2688d ago

... and thousands of people putting dice in their server name.

TekoIie2688d ago


So your too lazy to just go and look at the lobby settings to see if the server is owned by DICE?

WOW people... If your going to criticise something make sure your not the problem before hand...

leogets2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

they aint mate. goto search on server browser and type [DICE] then a whole shitload of dice servers will appear. alls ya gota do is find the ones with 5 numbers after it. theyre legit ones. theyre all i play cos i get kicked alot for doin well on other peoples.

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RankFTW2688d ago

This is a console problem, not a PC one.

SnotyTheRocket2688d ago

Really? You had to go there. Elitist.....

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

lol it's true though.. pc gamers have been doing it for years! Consoles guy idk It's not working out as well. Fan servers made BF2 awsome!

bumnut2687d ago

Pc games have been this way for years, its not our fault you consoles guys can't be trusted!

I love playing Caspian Border with 64 players and NO SNIPERS!

SnotyTheRocket2687d ago


SKUD2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Have to agree with rank. User based servers are better on the PC. Lots of good clans tend to run a better server setup then official ones. Always a higher player count. Monitored better also. Based on my experience. Not totally immune to knuckle heads but thats every online game though.

Maybe it could be due to the age gap (younger players) on the consoles. Inexperienced setting up and running a proper server.

Soldierone2688d ago

Or it could just be the simple fact PC players are more used to it than console players....

I find all these "PC is better" comments amusing. I used to be a PC gamer, and it still has the problem, you just learn to filter it faster since it was around longer. Console players are more used to games like COD where there isn't a server list and little kids running servers all day.

Sure Clan servers are run well, but how many are locked to only their clan? How many will kick you for not being in the clan? Clan people can get stupid too, they are not gods.....and pretending PC games are perfect is annoying as hell.

infamous-butcher2688d ago

I disagree. PC servers are still filled with one map games. I find it hard, sometimes, to find a server with the vanilla map rotation, or just large maps. When I do find one, there's 6 people waiting to get in already.

RonXD2688d ago

User based servers on the PC are horrible.

Before I quit, most servers were running a one map rotation, mostly 24/7 Metro. I hated Metro and all of the Vanilla maps, so I stuck to playing B2K maps.

Most B2K servers died off because people were so obsessed with playing 24/7 Metro for stats. And the few B2K servers that were still populated, I was automatically banned from because my stats were considered "too high".

And some of the ones that didn't ban me automatically, I got banned anyway for doing well. This did not happen all of the time, but it happened enough to limit the amount of servers I had to play on to virtually none.

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BranWheatKillah2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

PC games have always had user run servers and they have ALWAYS been the best choice.

soundslike2688d ago

Except for some reason console kiddies COD insecurities have now been merged with ticket count?

"Normal ticket count? You must be a COD fan."


Funky Town_TX2688d ago

So you pay $ to play a half a$$ custom game. Sounds like some EA crap to me. I wish there were more servers ran by DICE.