Video Game Consumer Association is Formed

Resulting from disagreements over the direction of Gamers’ Voice, a splinter group of committee members left the group last July to form the VGCA (Video Game Consumer Association).

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doogiebear2693d ago

Hopefully this branches out beyond just the border's of the UK

ACEMANWISE2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Agreed. Many consumers are going to be very upset at the end of this console generation. Many do not know, or even understand, that their games are tied to a service. They are spending alot of money under the pretense they are going to keep their games. There is no way consumers are going to pay ownership prices after they realize the true value of their purchases....a glorified rental. I see a drastic drop in prices in the digital market once they realize the true value of digital content.

GamingGuru2693d ago

Another thing I found nice about this was the possible PR.

Sure we already have some folks going out there preaching the good word of video games, but it's nice to always have another player. I think even though games are becoming more normal for the general public, we still have a lot of ground to cover in the AAA/hardcore section and anyone trying to put video games in a better light is alright by me.