D+PAD - Gravity Rush Review

D+PAD Writes:

Gravity Rush is a curious game. Undoubtedly, it’s a pretty gorgeous thing to behold on the Vita’s lush OLED screen, and on a technical level, it manages to uphold the grand scale of the world’s scenic open-ended environments . The gravity-shifting conceit at the heart of everything is also extremely well realised and a pleasing anime-esque art style helps along a decent if predictable ten-or-so-hours-long story. However, to its own detriment, issues with flat combat and run-of-the-mill level design conspire to make Gravity Rush a frustratingly dry and lax game on the whole, as it fails to employ its more original and inspired mechanics into the service of anything truly memorabl

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themiracle2684d ago

i honestly don’t understand these reviews.

here we have a brand new IP
a beautifully realized game world
and a genuinely unique gameplay mechanic.
the kind of thing that comes around a few times a year on established consoles…
for the brand new Vita, this is gold…
it’s not terribly often that the first iteration of a new IP is as lovingly crafted, high quality, engaging, deep, charming, or well implemented as this game is.

I, personally, would rate this game an 8.5 if it was on the ps3, but needs to be a 9 on the brand new vita. just my 2 cents.

You assign a rating of 3/5, [or 6/10]. The primary argument here is that the gravity shifting mechanic is not put to good use.

“Gravity Rush focuses squarely on its gravity-shifting conceit, but this vision ends up being the game’s greatest weakness at the same time. This is largely because the gravity shifting is never really put to any really good use—at least, the kind of use that is deserves. Mission objectives are far too tedious—most encounters against the opposing Nevi creatures simply boil down to fighting swarms of them in each area and then moving onto the next hapless group to do the same.”

first of all, are you sure that you are using the word ‘conceit’ correctly?

anyways..what sort of uses do YOU think this genuinely unique gravity shifting mechanic deserved? how would you have put it to better use? How is flying around collection gems, leveling up your various powers, and fighting the impressive array of Nevi [from the evasive 'sharks'.. to the long-punching giants (very cool!)]..using the flying claw attack or the sliding kick ..not awesome?

I do believe you’ve simply missed the point.

if you really think they could have done better, how about a suggestion or two? .. or is your job just to complain?

this review is uninspired and unsubstantiated hogwash.

in addition to your ‘meh’ opinion, could you have, perhaps, provided some valuable insight or information on the game itself?
you might have mentioned the rift planes, or the lost city.
You had nothing to tell us about the different nevi.. or the variation of combat techniques.
how about any objetive information on the structure of gameplay at all?

just.. ..meh
my friend, that you feel missions are ‘not vital’ is not a review.

this is why you don’t get nice things.

please, honestly, keep your weak ass, uninformative opinions to yourself thanks.

hey, if you found the right stick on the vita fiddly (which I did not), I might wonder how you did not manage to make use of the accelerometer assisted aiming or the dpad for leveling out? but i guess you were never giving the game a chance to begin with. owell. your loss, and your readers’ losses.