Assassin's Creed III: Liberation Interview | Gamereactor UK

GRUK's Gillen McAllister met up with the producer of Assassin's Creed III: Liberation, to find out what sets this game apart from ACIII, and what features we can expect on the Vita.

On having a female assassin:

"Our character, Aveline, she was kind of always there, waiting for us to discover her. She's based on real life role models. We went into this with the idea that we wanted to find the perfect assassin, and we feel in Aveline we've found her."

On using the PS Vita's features:

We've designed the game to take advantage of all the features of the Vita. So we're using front and back touch panels, the GPS camera, motion detection. Our key goal has always been to add choice, and to make the game very intuitive from the use of the controls... It's a fantastic platform to work with.

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VitaOwner2686d ago

This game is sounding more awesome every time I read about it.

bothebo2685d ago

Yeah it's looking like it is going to be good!

ShoryukenII2686d ago

This isn't much of an interview. The whole thing is on this page. There is no point in clicking full interview when it is all here.

VitaOwner2686d ago

There is a video in the link which talks about a whole lot more than what they have represented in words.

nevin12685d ago

Is there game footage yet?