Halo 4 video: Spartan Ops set six months after campaign

VG247 writes: Halo 4′s Spartan Ops will take place six months after the game’s main campaign, 343 Industries tells VG247, in an interview that further details Master Chief’s newest enemy: the Prometheans.

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aviator1892692d ago

I'm really excited for spartan ops, considering that it's supposed to add another 10 hours of gameplay with cutscenes and new stories.

miamicanesruleall2692d ago

This is a great way for 343 to introduce dlc for Halo 4. Season 1 will be free and it will give gamers a chance to see what they do with it and if we love it 343 will certainly be in a better position to sell more of season 2 than they otherwise may have been in a position to. This aspect definitely has my attention. I rarely buy dlc, (except for the Mass Effect series) but in this scenario, I'm not buying content site unseen but will have an idea of exactly what I will be purchasing if I choose to do so. Hope more companies follow this approach in the future.