Janina Gavankar Talks Her Gaming Habit

X-Play's Morgan Webb sits down with Janina Gavankar from HBo's True Blood to talk about all video games, vampires and why she loves Portal so much.

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ATi_Elite2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

as soon as she says she plays Assassin's Creed she became EVEN HOTTER!!!! Then she says Portal is the greatest game ever and my KB suddenly became sticky.

She's a true HOT Gamer Girl!

Ubisoft needs another female Assassin's Creed character with a more skimpy outfit cause Janina Gavankar plans to dress up at Comic Con! :)

Get to work Ubisoft, that would put a smile on a lot of Gamers Faces!

GamerEuphoria2696d ago

I could get my grandma to say the exact same things, would you find her hot?

I'm not sure why people are becoming so excited by the prospect of females playing video games, its 2012, i thought people where a bit more opened minded.

Ravenor2695d ago

Man your grandma IS hot, don't play.

Assassins Creed and Portal are really the games that make some seem like a "true" female gamer?

What does that even mean!?

HebrewHammer2695d ago

Ubisoft will never again put a female at the forefront after Jade Raymond. That poor woman.

h311rais3r2695d ago

My gf is hot and plays games WITH me. Does that make her any more attractive? No....

Straightupbeastly2695d ago

What's so hot about a girl gaming? Hot to me is a girl dropping her draws and waving her pussy in my face

ATi_Elite2695d ago

A Crack whore would the same thing to you for $5! so i guess that's Hot to you!

opinska2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

lets get straight to the point: u an idiot

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 2695d ago
bwazy2695d ago

Only season one, and just barely because it was 60% softcore porn.

pharmd2695d ago

shiva kamini soma kandarkram!!!!!!

Cerberus292695d ago

Damn, you beat me to it.

glennco2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

not every gaming article needs to find its way on n4g. who gives a shit what this chick says she plays.

MacDonagh2695d ago

Agreed. Would people have the same reaction if the female in question was less attractive?

Tres212695d ago

i think its cuz shes already attractive then she seems 2 share the same interest as many ppl here...if she was sayin games r dumb & 4 lil kids would that make her less attractive 2 u & seem snotty & stuck up then how could u be upset cuz she says sumthin positive & it makes her seem better 2 sum1 else?