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Lollipop Chainsaw is the latest exploitation opus from the mind of madcap game designer/auteur Suda51, the man behind Shadows of the Damned and the No More Heroes series. Even five minutes into the game, it is impossible to deny that it is a highly, er, ‘unique’ experience at least in terms of narrative. After a racy intro establishes main character Juliet Starling as a high-school cheerleader cum zombie hunter (sexualised to the point of lunacy), the player is thrust straight into the hack‘n’slash action. “OMFG,” squeals Juliet as she charges towards the looming hoards (underwear showing, whirring chainsaw in hand), “You undead douchebags!” Heads and limbs are sent flying, with pints of claret juxtaposed against stereotypically ‘girly’ images of glittering hearts, stars and rainbows, all to a kickass riot grrrl soundtrack.

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