Naruto Generations – Over 1 Million Copies Shipped Worldwide

Namco Bandai announces over 1 million copies of have been shipped worldwide.

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tayz3801d ago

yay Naruto!!! I was 1 of those 1 million to get the game :)

Irishguy953800d ago

I didn't like this one, I thought there new mechanics screwed with each other.

Sub bar/Chakra cancel

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3800d ago

Yea they did. The point of a substitution bar was to promote the use of melee attacks by limiting how often a person can substitute them. But the cancel dash completely kills it because the second you use a substitution you'll be met with the cancel dash. Cancel dashing forces a person to use up all their subs so it's not really wise to use them at all.

omarzy3800d ago

chakra cancel/sub bar were genius. Always kept you at full attention during an exchange. All about the timing and how you use your limited sub bars. charkra cancel can be beaten with another chakra cancel, a grab after sub jutsu, or chakra dash backwards and work out a plan, or just sideways and flip around the player.

Snookies123800d ago

Wow 3 disagrees, really? Generations was the definitive version of Ninja Storm if you were playing multiplayer with friends. 2 did have a vastly superior story mode, but Generations was fantastic as well.

I'm just happy it sold that many units, so we can continue to look forward to more Ninja Storm games. NSUNS:3 looks like it's going to beat them all though, just by that one freaking trailer.

Redempteur3800d ago

Sold my copy this afternoon..
Some problems of ninja storm fixed but this one introduced others .. and it felt incomplete and inférior in term of content.They better do a better job for Storm 3 or they'll not have my money ..

rezzah3800d ago

I`m still waiting for the price to drop down further before I get it.

Though I wish I had it now!!