THQ rising from the ashes

Despite its recent troubles, THQ CEO Brian Farrell believes that his company is ready to begin its rise from the ashes.

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zeal0us2693d ago

I see THQ being brought out within the next 2yrs. Their stock value is extremely low and they already face being remove from the stock market.

They will most likely try to cashing off their most popular IPs. I really don't see them trying to develop or buy any new IPs.

Personally I think Jason Rubin should just save himself the trouble and just go back to Naughty Dog.

taquito2693d ago

I love thq and wish them a speedy recovory

dawn of war
company of heroes
saints row

they make some GREAT games!

Hufandpuf2693d ago

if company of heroes goes down, ima cry

badz1492693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

but business-wise, those games are not selling enough to make THQ stays afloat! you forgot Metro and Red Faction though but these too are good games but they too are not firing the sales chart up!

THQ needs something like Ubi's Assassin's Creed! Ubi really have hit Jackpot with that this gen alone! what I mean is not anything AC clone from THQ but 1 game that pique interest from the masses and they need it FAST!

urwifeminder2693d ago

Man i wish they got moto gp back capcom have no idea what they are doing 06 07 were awesome.

Skynetone2693d ago

capcom destroyed that game, its like no one at capcom even played the original

SamPao2693d ago

stay! I want those Darksiders games!!

r212693d ago

live so that i may play more Saints Row and that new metro game!!!

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