GameInformer - Test Chamber: Resident Evil 6 Demo

GameInformer - Purchasers of Capcom's Dragon's Dogma have an extra treat today. A code to unlock an exclusive Resident Evil 6 demo came with new copies of the game, and it's now active. The demo allows players to try out healthy chunks of Leon, Chris, and Jake's campaigns. This is the exact same demo I played at E3 2012, and all together it's about an hour of Resident Evil 6. I teamed up with Ben Reeves and Andrew Reiner to show you some of Chris Redfield's exploits in China. Tons of the new J'avo enemies attack the BSAA agents, allowing us to show off the new gameplay, including the ability to move and shoot.

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WeskerChildReborned2691d ago

I'm hoping this demo will be public in the future cause i really wanna know if i'm even gonna like RE6 due to the direction it has taken.

TheCagyDies2691d ago

September 5th is when the public demo comes out.

K00757620122691d ago

i think sep. 5th is when playstation 3 demo of Resident Evil 6 comes out.

dazzrazz2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

You can download this demo without any game disc, online code from various internet sites and dump on your usb stick

KingItachi2691d ago

Played the demo did not like it.

K00757620122691d ago

i played the demo and it is very good. i already pre order the game from Game Stop :-)