Why would anyone ever want to be a AAA game developer?

"The gaming industry has a growing history of blockbuster hits built through abusive working conditions, and calls to improve are few in number, low in volume."

"Why would anyone ever want to be a AAA game developer?"

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SageHonor4249d ago

Interesting read. I'm sure this is the case with publishers like Activision and EA... But there are some developers and publishers that dont fall under this category.

Moncole4249d ago

AAA just means huge budget, it doesn't mean the game will be good.

Grap4249d ago

why would anyone want a job? i mean it's a job the thing about the job you heat it. how much you tell yourself you have what you want to do still you will get frustrated about it. it's not like teach or being in military or movie maker better. in fact some Musician heat being in famous or in spotlight but what you got to do it's come with job.

Gekko4249d ago

To get paid, for job satisfactions, to get employed... etc. the list goes on and on.

A-Glorious-Dawn4249d ago

It sucks, and on top of all the sh*t they put up with from the heads and publishers, there is still the legion of bitching fans ready to tear them apart when the game's released.

Devs can't win, and although I'm not against criticising bad work, I am sure to not be a d*ck about it.

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