The Expanding Database Of This Generation's Canceled Games

GameInformer - Sometimes games don't make it to the finish line. Sometimes a game's cancellation is a huge disappointment. Sometimes, we don't even know a game exists until it gets canceled. Other times a game gets canceled so early in development that we never even hear about it (these obviously won't be included on the list).

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zeal0us2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

NinjaTheory should develop Heavenly Sword 2 instead of DMC
The new SW game look cool but I was hoping for Battlefront 3.
Xbox 360 unseen MMOs....where art thou?
Megaman Legends 3 should been on the list.

stonecold32693d ago

good read shame about eyeidentify and hs 2 maybe santa monica might do the hs 2 where getaway 3 and eight days they werent metioned