What Sony's Gaikai purchase means to PlayStation's cloud gaming future

ARS - The PlayStation of the future may be little more than a conduit to display and control games running on powerful remote servers. At least that's one potential end game now that Sony Computer Entertainment has announced the $380 million acquisition of streaming gaming specialists Gaikai, which it will use to establish "a new cloud service."

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-Mezzo-2694d ago

Cannot wait to see how Sony's uses Gaikai.

alousow2694d ago

cant wait some ps2 classics

ABizzel12694d ago

Possible uses.

PS4 games/demos
PS3, PSN, PS2, PS1, PSP, backwards compatibility
PS Mobile compatibility
Video store streaming service (Their own Netflix)
Music streaming service integrated

All as long as you keep up your PS+ Subscription.

That's what I think we can expect from this service.

2694d ago
-GametimeUK-2694d ago

I am hoping for the ability to stream game demo's. I would buy all my games in physical form and choose to stream a demo rather than download it. It would just suit me. Not like it matters because I am able to download demos REALLY fast, but streaming would be even more ideal for me.

JBSleek2694d ago

We don't know how they will use it but I wouldn't hold my breathe they are a hardware company. But we will all have t wait and see I suppose. Should be interesting.

cstyle2694d ago

Sony had to make this move or there would of been some BC issues for ps3 next gen.

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