CVG - Dishonored: A masterpiece from the minds behind Half-Life 2 and Deus Ex?

CVG - Dank water laps at the filthy concrete shores of the city's harbour district. Giant rusty pipes frame cracked paving and filthy brickwork buildings, patched with grimy, half-torn posters. Move a little uptown and you encounter starkly contrasting opulence in the form of extravagant bathhouses, lined with gold and reeking of corruption. Welcome to Bethesda's London-inspired steampunk vision of a Neo-Victorian city, populated with shady political types and plague beleaguered slum-dwellers alike.

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joab7772687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

It is tops on my list but I am trying to keep expectations realistic so I can be pleasantly surprised. I love playing a game that I didn't have high hopes for and being blown away. Dragons dogma has done that recently. Bioshock, fallout 3, deus ex HR, mass effect 1, and valkyria chronicles are my favorite games this Gen because of this very reason.

taquito2687d ago

very intrested in this game after hearing about the creative team involved!

reznik_zerosum2687d ago

next to the hitman and counter-strike,most anticipated game for me.

LightofDarkness2687d ago

With no Bioshock Infinite this year, this game piques my interest. I can't actually think of any games this fall that I consider "must-buys" though.

mananimal2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

wtf? I cant believe how niave you gamers are, Dishonored is gonna be mediocre piece of garbage, just watch. What is so fascinating about this game that rips off lore & Art from past AAA games? lol, just watch, this game is blowing huge amounts of smoke up your you know what. When this game bombs it will just prove how easy it is to fool the average gamer. lmao gee whiz , unbelievable. I know it seems like im going out on a limb, announcing this games demise b4 it even drops, lol

Im not gonna go into HOW I ALREADY KNOW this game is just mediocre, if even that. go ahead & mock, my feelings arent hurt AT ALL, why because I absolutely know what im talking about & know what i see in this 1st person Shooter , & NO! no no, its not just a matter of different taste that Im excluding,lol, just wait & see, your gonna be pissed off again & wondering how in the heck you fell for the HYPE again & got HOODWINKED in style ha! ha! ha! & suckered 1 more time, by The INDUSTRY. lmao

P.S- of course some of you "flea bag" goombas are gonna be prideful & not want to admitt it, now that Ive said this, ha ha ha, but just remember this: "You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but NEVER all of the people all the time". I see you, lmao.

LightofDarkness2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Well, there isn't that much hype about this one, but...