Will GTA V's release date be announced at Gamescom 2012?

For the first time since the debut trailer was released in November last year, we may finally be getting more details about Grand Theft Auto V.

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zyon84109d ago

This will top a top news article by the end of today.. Sigh ;)

TheModernKamikaze4109d ago

Just an article, if it was rumor or misguided use of news type, it would be 100° in 2 minutes.

TheModernKamikaze4109d ago

I would like some new info on
GTA V if they will be in
gamescom 2012.

WeskerChildReborned4109d ago

I'm sure Rockstar will bring GTA V but if they don't then man Rockstar is a major tease -.-

modesign4108d ago

URL doesnt exist, who ever created this post should hang themselves and die.

josephayal4108d ago

ENOUGH with GTA5 release date!! o m g


All The Reasons GTA V Is Still Alive and Kickin’ After 10 Years

As Grand Theft Auto approaches its 10th anniversary, Rockstar Games is revving up to celebrate this iconic game and show appreciation to its dedicated player base. Ten years is an insanely long time for a game to remain relevant within the current gaming world. But Rockstar has proven that through constant updates and listening to fans, their games can last a generation.

Bubbalove0071d 13h ago

Was a nice read! GTA V needs to end though. I need my GTA VI fix lol

TallDarknWavy1d 1h ago

It's still around because all the creative people who had any vision left the company due to mismanagement, greed (not paying bonuses, same as Modern Warfare 2 devs back in the days of old Infinity Ward) and no vision of what GTA 6 should look like, settings, playable characters etc.
GTA 6 has been in development hell since 2013 right after GTA 5's initial PS3/360 launch. You can't make great games without creative people and this proves it.

22h ago
cammers199515h ago

Because sheep keep buying shark cards and in game currency.

-Foxtrot16d ago

Crazy that with how big Rockstar are they've only done GTAV and RDR2 within the past 10 years

Knightofelemia16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

10 years and on three console generations and they are still milking the game.

Flewid63815d ago

Cant milk something if people aren't buying it.

sadraiden15d ago

No, I think you can still say it's being milked if people are buying it. You milk a cow right? So you don't just throw the milk out, you sell it.

ClayRules201216d ago

Man, to think how excited I was when GTA5 released 10 years ago, today…wonderful times!

I’m grateful that GTA5 was a big success, sales wise on Day 1 with $800 million made and hitting the 1 billion mark by day 3 of its release of memory serves me correct, a groundbreaking feat, showcasing the power of the GTA name, it’s popularity and impact in the gaming world that knows no bounds, with continually striving to revolutionize the open world landscape, it’s always a thrill, thanks to Rockstar and their incredible team. But dang, that online MP, it’s a blessing and curse. Knowing it delivered some good times for my friends and myself, along with others all over the world (never spent a penny on it) but how people just bought shark cards, Rockstar just milking it, it just blows my mind how things could’ve been different if the MP wasn’t as successful or better yet, was as successful as it turned out to be, but R* hadn’t become greedy and changed when all that cash started to flow in from the online mode. Maybe then we could’ve actually gotten some other follow up games from beloved properties that they own such as Max Payne, Manhunt, L.A. Noire 2 etc.

Anyways, hopefully the money made from GTA5’s online will truly benefit both the SP and online MP modes (not just the online MP with the possibility of a changing world etc) but that the SP story/open world which I’m not too worried about really brings groundbreaking tech to once again revolutionize the open world landscape, while also expanding upon the amazing and revolutionary things that RDR2 introduced with the NPC’s etc. But also, referring to GTA6 there’s talk about R* having hired 20 people supposedly for just the new water simulation stuff that R* wants to accomplish with the game being set in Vice City, oh the possibilities.

Either way, I’ve been far removed from Los Santos and will NEVER be returning. I look forward to making my new residence Vice City, hopefully within the next year or so😂🙏🏼

chicken_in_the_corn15d ago

We definitely wouldn't have gotten any other games from Rockstar as they merged their studios to develop RDR2.

isarai15d ago

More like a decade to get over, make a new game instead of milking the same one to death.

_Decadent_Descent15d ago

Wow, 10 years and still no GTA VI.

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GTA 5 turns 10 – the double edged sword of this Rockstar legacy

Grand Theft Auto 5 became a behemoth title for Rockstar Games, and now GTA 5 turns 10 years old. As we all wait for GTA 6, the game's legacy is complicated.

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Profchaos16d ago

GTA v the average GTA game that caused industry wide problems as everyone saw that GTA online money.

Seriously as a GTA diehard I really did enjoy it at launch but the story never hit the heights of IV, sa or VC and felt far to disjointed and gave me no reason to care about the protagonists the older I got the more I disliked Trevor and came to the realisation that he's only there as a token psycho Franklin and Michael never honestly developed either and there was no strong supporting characters like like Jacob, brucey, ceaser, or solid antagonists like big smoke plot twists were highly predictable.

It felt like this was the biggest misfire sure the world featured a lot to do but it didn't have that same sense of exploration everything's was open from the jump and the storyline forced you to spend 24 hours driving up and down the same routes whereas previous GTA games wiggle you from island to island always giving you something new until the 3rd island where missions take place acrostic the entire map and often in the sky.

Going back and replaying the original 3d games along with iv recently it's clear how much stronger the writing was for previous games and plot devices like unlocking the map actually helped the game rather than the made for streaming have everything immediately game that v was.

It wasn't really until rdr2 where I saw that strong level of writing come back in for Rockstar games I hope 6 takes more notes from earlier entirely but I doubt it they are making another modern game for a "modern audience" judging by the leaks

Rebel_Scum15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Worst part of it was having to do 3 fetch quests in order to do the actual heist.

Changing characters was pretty cool though. I agree with everything else you say.