You Do Not Own The Games You Buy

Gamer Entitlement is at an all time high, but what about Developer Entitlement? There are always two sides to the fence!

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The secret of the generation...revealed only when it's over.

LastDance2697d ago

This is changing in Europe as we speak

mcnablejr2697d ago

If I can sell them on again after I buy them imo I own them.

badz1492697d ago

you own the "DISC" but not the "CONTENTS"

AIndoria2697d ago

As the matter with everything else my friend.

badz1492697d ago

you buy food, not just the packaging, you can modified all the contents all you want too! software, not so much!

Freddy_Millz12697d ago

This is exactly why GeoHots was in hot water.

SageHonor2697d ago

Developers can create whatever they want
Consumers can criticize whatever they want

.. Thats how it works

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The story is too old to be commented.