Dragon Ball’s Creator Takes on Street Fighter

Kotaku: "Akira Toriyama is famous as being the creator of Dragonball, though he's also worked on video games, most notably doing character design for the Dragon Quest series of RPGs (as well as Xbox 360 RPG Blue Dragon).

This antique image, from what looks like an old Japanese magazine, has the legend giving his take on Street Fighter by blending it with some of his own characters. The results are wonderful, if a little odd."

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Snookies122696d ago

Lol, I think "most notably" would be his involvement with Chrono Trigger rather than the DQ series. Though that's just my opinion.

Trebius512696d ago

I agree. The work he did on the Chrono Trigger remix was incredible.

AznGaara2696d ago

Cammy with glasses?? Genius!!

akaakaaka2695d ago

So disappointing that this guy is a Mason/Iluminati, And that's is why it was so popular i guess. I could see in many levels why dragon ball is very satanic, sadly but with many good things in it to(the good always wins!) I could fix dragon ball and re-write in a good good lovely way, but i guess it does not meter in a perfect future.