The 7 Deadly Sins of Vista - A Plague on the House of Gaming

Gameplayer's PC expert James Matson takes a good look at the failures of the Windows Vista software as an OS for gamers. In particular it examines the issues that gamers must be aware of, and the hurdles Microsoft must leap to redeem the OS and its reputation.

"So, if that's true, why are there gamers out there – just as passionate about their entertainment as the rest – who haven't upgraded to Microsoft's flagship operating system, Windows Vista?"

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gamesR4fun4662d ago

vista is whats killing pc gaming... that and windows live games steam and the hardware guys putting better more expensive stuff out weekly....

Charlie26884662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

While Vista is FAR from being the monster it was at launch and for some reason the OS people refuse to see it has actually DRASTICALLY improved (I tell you from experience) it is still FARRRRRR from being at the same level as XP (even worse now with SP3) for gaming

what I find worrying is the drop of fps when switching from XP to Vista while some video drivers and game updates have sort of helped this it looks like it will take a LOT more work to make it somewhat even to XP and worse some people are throwing the towel after Vistas SP1 actually dosent boost the performance pointing out to the possible fact that there is nothing else to squeeze in terms of performance to Vista and the slowdown is simply the normal arquitecture of Vista

The security thing is easily avoided simply by disabling the bastard (still after each boot it will stalk you telling you to turn the f-cker back on but just ignore it)

DX10? if find out it is main aport to games is sutle effect that some times add realism to the game but nothing that you are gonna die without and while in some games you could possibly don't even notice it (Hellgate, Universe at War) in other those effect are more predominant/evident (Crysis, World in Conflict) still the curse of DX10 is that those small nice details bring a sometimes MASSIVE performance hit specially for games with specific DX10 and DX9 version of the engine (Crysis for example)

I havent had any problems with retro games, Fallout 1 and 2, Desu Ex and System Shock 2 worked flawless

I still have some rants about Vista like the random BSOD, the random crashes and the WORST how Vista many times thinks he is smarter than you or thinks it knows what is going on or what you want for example in a heavy processing program Vista might randonly decide the program is not responding and simply close it were in XP NOTHING like that would EVER happened or how if you dont have the latest version of a program it will simply NOT work on Vista (some old do work by the way) or how for some reason some programs need Win XP specific sys files to work and it is simply not possible to use them on Vista

in conclusion Vista is not the devil as some people keep portraying it since launch but its FAR from being ready to be mainstream for PC gamers and some devs forcing the transition are NOT helping (hear that Remedy DONT dare to do it with Alan Wake!!!)

gamesR4fun4662d ago

well said m8 you sound like one of the vista pioneers. glad to see you give such a fair assessment too. Like you said Vista has some major issues still. Direct x10 is a flop imo like you said it give little what gets me is how much it asks for. i mean I cant even think of running vista without it eating a good gig of ram unless they've improved it a lot since I saw it...
still bubbles for the post and I hope they use all the feedback people like you are giving them because if they dont it might be the OS that made linux flourish.
Not a bad thing imo I recommend anyone who actually read this and hasnt already to google Ubuntu and give it whirl. (nope you dont even need to install if you want to try and its free in 32/64 bit)

As for the inevitable disagrees my thx its nice to know your care enough to follow my every post. ;) Also if your gonna send me more naughty pm's you should know imma married guy.

Bubbles ++ for the flawless Vista review

Charlie26884662d ago

LOL no problems dude XD

Thanks for the reply bubbles for you too sir :D

kwicksandz4662d ago

Yeah games for windows isnt pushing the pc platform but steam? steam is the future of both consoles and PC. Steam got me the orange box for $45 US ($50 AU) when it cost $99.99 AU in stores. steam has its own XMB to chat to your friends and see what server they are on and steam has its has the best server browser ive seen in PC gaming.

Just caus the NPD or whoever you follow doesnt track PC online sales doesnt mean PC gaming is dying either. Long live PC gaming, Long live Valve software and Long live steam.

PS vista sucks

SlappingOysters4662d ago

I think you might be right on the money with that one.

Valve are setting themselves up to very very big once digital distribution become the norm. They are already buying up developers (Left 4 Dead) and doing distrbution deals left right and centre.

I just heard Eve is coming to steam - my MMO mates say it smokes everything else in the genre, including WoW.

gamesR4fun4655d ago

kk Ill take back the valve bit
only going on what ive read about their copyright tools and poor customer service.

kwicksandz4662d ago

It didnt grab me although maybe thats because i was engrossed in WoW at the time. it does take a LONG time to get a decent ship though and the game can play itself to a degree.

you can leave your ship mining or researching new stuff when your not playing the game and come back and have it completed which although good for those who don't have the time to devote to MMOS it detracted from the gamplay IMO.

pointystick4662d ago

Its a case of another chicken and egg situation. People wont go to Vista because of the poor support, and developers wont support it because the people are staying with XP. Its always the same, people dont like change. Even more so as time goes on as theres less and less for a reason too.

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