The Eye of Judgment: The Furniture of Sanity

Kotaku writes: "Cloth maps used to be a pretty big deal, back when Ultima IV was packing them in, thwarting Xerox machines everywhere. In the case of The Eye of Judgment, however, they tend to be more a source of frustration than of nerdy shouts of "Cool!". Reader Matt had it up to here (see forehead) with the included fabric play mat, easily bumped camera and need for constant lighting, so he built a custom EOJ table for himself and his sons to use when playing the PlayStation 3 collectible card game".

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TheTwelve4665d ago

As a big fan of this game, and currently ranked in the top 100 in the world, I still have to say that this dude is taking it all too seriously.


Armyless4665d ago

The first release seemed to have good cards and bad cards, and not much theme decking ability (I'm comparing of course to combo strategies of Magic the Gathering)

Building a deck in EOJ seems to be geared towards the best cards primarily.

Maybe that will open up a bit with the new expansion coming in March(?)

P.S. The table looks cool, although I wouldn't put a cup of coffee on it.