The Xbox 8, a New Generation of Gaming

Microsoft purchases a few new domains, including and Could this be the new name for the next generation of XBOX consoles?

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samiahm2696d ago

I'm really excited to learn more, the infinity thing seems to fit.

WeskerChildReborned2696d ago

Yea XBOX Infinity fits a little better or if somehow Microsoft can work with Comcast, they could name their next console the XBOXfinity.

dorgaorfa2696d ago

Xbox 8 sounds right to me, just one of those things that does lol

WeskerChildReborned2696d ago

Yea it's simple, not some over-the-top kinda name.

joab7772696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I agree because I believe their push next Gen is gonna b an extension of the pc on ur TVs. Windows 8 is coming out as well as surface and their windows phones, and they will all run similar os, which will have kinect integration. I have a ps3 & Xbox but it's nice to link my xbox directly to my computer. I use media center to stream everything from my pc. They are looking to do battle with apple and get the jump on the future os's, b it tablet, television etc.

mugoldeneagle032696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

About 2 months ago me and the Microsoft rep were shooting the shit about new consoles, and he actually told me that Xbox 8 was the code name for it.

Even he said he doesn't know much internally, but he had this right.

EDIT: Maybe ties into Windows 8?

Patriots_Pride2696d ago

I love the name Xbox 8 but that would put Sony in a bad position and would force them to stop using the PS 1234 tradition,

The regular consumer would buy a Xbox 8 over a PS4 because they would think that 8 is newer or better because its a higher number - but dont think Sony will use PS4 for the next PS because in Japan 4 is a very bad luck number.

Disccordia2695d ago

They would also think 8 is worse than 360. Seriously it won't be called this.

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Wenis2696d ago

Its called Xbox 8 because you look at it, do a 360 eight times and walk away

Hufandpuf2696d ago

after all those fail "do a 360 and walk away" jokes, you guys finally found a way to say it right.

TheModernKamikaze2696d ago

Atleast this joke is a new one.

h311rais3r2696d ago

Yea but a 360 will make u walk right towards it :p

Lyr1c2696d ago

Not if it's a moonwalk

WeskerChildReborned2696d ago

Dude, you do know that doing a 360 will still point you into the direction of the console? FAIL much?

SilentNegotiator2696d ago

But doing a figure eight will have you facing away from your original direction.

RantGaming2696d ago

For real, this joke is old.

Laxman2696d ago

Haha, someone should tell this guy what direction he'd be facing if he spun around 360 degrees.

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OhMyGandhi2696d ago

Anybody who thought they would call it 720 should be taken out back and shot.

greenpowerz2696d ago

Too odd for consumers for MS to start naming future xboxs based on hybrid operating systems during the time of launchs. Xbox 8, xbox 13 WTF!? The name will have symbolic meaning of vision/philosophy or function.

Xbox inspire, xbox Equilibrium, xbox fusion, xbox Aptus(Latin)

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The story is too old to be commented.