An Hour of New Video from the Cancelled Star Wars Battlefront 3

Past to Present Online has uploaded an almost 1-hour long look at the cancelled Star Wars Battlefront III, which was being made by Free Radical Design.

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Hufandpuf2695d ago

Pandemic said Lucas Arts basically canned a finished game.

That game doesn't look finished to me.

Borman2695d ago

Free Radical. And no, it wasn't finished, although this wasn't the last build.

Hufandpuf2695d ago

oh, I got it mixed up because Pandemic made the previous SWBF games. I wonder why they gave the game over to Free Radical in the first place.

toxic-inferno2695d ago

They gave it over to Free Radical, because at the time Free Radical were able to offer the possibility of ground-space battles.

SilentNegotiator2694d ago (Edited 2694d ago )

They said LucasArts fought them at every turn. They COULDN'T finish the game because they had to (contractually) keep making stupid changes until they went bankrupt.

LucasArts has really been sucking, but forcing a studio like Free Radical to an early death.....that makes them criminals to society.

:( Anyway, tp;dw (Too Painful; Didn't Watch)

MultiConsoleGamer2695d ago

Someone pass me a tissue so I can dry my bitter tears.

I don't want Star Wars 1313, I want this game.

SITH2695d ago

I used all my tissue up already.

SilentNegotiator2694d ago

...and not a single tear was shed that day.


Sarobi2695d ago

I'm afraid to watch this.. it just might sadden me even more knowing we'll most likely never have it'

SeekDev2695d ago

Do yourself a favor, save your tears for another day. Don't watch it. It'll only hurt.

aPerson2695d ago

Oh, wow.

Pardon my ignorance, but I somehow had NO IDEA that the game was actually in development at some point until watching this video.

Why was it cancelled? Surely they could have continued development of both this game AND whatever Star Wars game they cancelled this in favour of.

sjaakiejj2695d ago

Here's why:

A good read, and it really makes it clear how Free Radical was taken down to its knees.

coolbeans2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

If you were to research certain articles dating much closer to the beginning of this gen you'd notice a move to "clean house" in Lucasarts back in the middle of the past decade. This move essentially brought in a bunch of suits who are solely dedicated to making the top dollar with as little risk involved as possible.

When you see nearly half of LA's lineup for this gen has been LEGO Star Wars games you know something is wrong. Although I'm not entirely sure (could correct me if I'm wrong), I think this is how TFU's sales history goes:

-Force Unleashed does incredibly well when accounting sales for all platforms

-LA wants to keep feeding on that success with TFU II

-Sales forecasts were not as promising as they were with I so they dump key members in order to hold on to what profits they made from these two games.

Even though I haven't heard many promising reviews for TFU II, it amazes me that a healthy portion of the team was dropped before TFU III came into consideration (I think this happened well before any TFU II reviews were released), not even allowing these developers to improve upon what's been created.

pandehz2695d ago

Whats the source?

It looks fake. Like a Battlefront 2 mod gone bad.
If this was how Battlefront 3 was gonna look then im glad it got canned, it already looks 2 gens old.

Still It looks fake. Need more info on sources

sjaakiejj2695d ago

It's an unfinished game - at the stage of this build, it's all about functionality, not visuals. A lot of animations appear to be missing, effects appear to be non-existent and it's very rough around the edges. Nothing unexpected.

WolfLeBlack2695d ago

As Sjaakiejj said, this is from an early build of the game.

As for the source, the guy making the video is a student who just got lucky and got a chance to play the game

I've been lucky enough to get one brief shot in the past few years as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.