Resident Evil 6 Uses Regenerating Health And Isn't Scary

GR writes: "Finding out that there was a Resident Evil 6 demo released today made me more excited than I've been for almost any preview build in the past couple years. That was until I played it, anyway."

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Prcko2692d ago

that sucks!!!!
no buy then

Snookies122692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Yep, lost my purchase as well. Not even going to play the demo lol. I might buy it used when it's like 19 bucks or something, since it could be decent even if it's not a Resident Evil game. Also, just to be sure Capcom doesn't get my money, gotta go with used.

PoSTedUP2692d ago

this News is scary. oh capcom... -_-

Trebius512691d ago

RE6 is garbage lol ... we can officially let go of RE series as a survival horror, let it die as a mediocre action game.

Sure its still playable, but itll never be as good as the first couple of games.

Kevin ButIer2691d ago

regenerating health at survival horror.... facepalm*************

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Blastoise2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Me too to be honest, and this is coming from someone who enjoyed Resident Evil 4 and even Resident Evil 5 to a lesser extent. This game is looking less and less promising the more I hear and see about it :/

Besides, the herbs were a classic Resident evil thing. I can even remember the combinations, what the hell?

camel_toad2692d ago

They definitely lost me at "regenerative health". That alone throws out so many game mechanics that are what resident evil has always been about.

"Survival Horror" is now "Hide for a few seconds and everything will be just peachy".

Rainstorm812692d ago

Regeneratiing health???.....So its not a Survival game nor is it a Horror game......Yea..Im not looking forward to a RE Action Adventure

Anon19742692d ago

Let's be honest though. RE5 was a Resident Evil Action Adventure game. Not a bad action adventure game at that, but a Resident Evil game it was not. That's what I found. Once I sat back and stopped comparing it to real survival horror games or previous RE games, I had a pretty good time with it. The co-op was a blast. I almost wish they'd do both. Keep doing what they're doing with RE6 but don't be afraid to go back and make a proper RE, horror game. Running and aiming? Nuts to that! I want to plant like a tree when I need to aim at the incoming zombie hordes.

Ok, the last bit was a stretch. Just make a horror game as well, dammit.

Rainstorm812692d ago


I completed the game twice and as you said its just not Resident evil....and this new one will be even less like RE...they would be better off just making a new IP and put the RE name to rest but then the impulse RE fans wouldnt blindly buy it.....this is milking in the worst sort of way

People that dont visit gaming sites and isnt into gaming news will buy it off name alone...thinking hey its a new Resident Evil!

lizard812882691d ago


Yes, me too. The more I hear/see about it, the less I want to play it.


I think that is what Crapcom is banking on. Hey it's a RE game, I'll buy it. Just look at the DMC game. I'm sure it will sell on the name alone, but boy oh boy, does it look like a pile of vomit.

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VanillaBear2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I love the other journalists and those types of fans who think the demo was good because Leons story had a creepy dark room with a few flashes of lightning every now and then. Like that makes a good horror game

Oh not to mention still calling them Zombies when they are nothing like them

I KNEW Capcom would put one of the few horror sections in the game as a demo to fool people. Glad to see it didn't work on everyone

Stick to your guns people, together we can hurt Capcom and put RE to rest. Even if you do want to buy it just hold off for a few weeks

doogiebear2692d ago

^ Yes, like he said, if your gonna buy it anyway (I can't fathom why though) than just buy it used. That way crapcom doesnt get a cent.

LOGICWINS2692d ago

Maybe people like the demo because their minds aren't trapped in the metaphorical RE1, 2,and 3 steel cage. It seems like RE6 can be enjoyed...if you see it as an action game, which is what it obviously is.

LOGICWINS2692d ago

Complaining about RE6 not being scary is like complaining that Kinectimals doesn't have enough guns or blood. Your looking for something that you KNOW isn't there.

The ACTUAL problem here is that Capcom has to the general gaming public knowing full well that they were producing a Micheal Bay movie as opposed to a creepy romp. For this, they should be punished.

I'll be buying RE6 used, not because its an action game(I like action games, so I can enjoy RE6), but because Capcom has lied and I'm not paying for the inevitable influx of on disc DLC.

Pozzle2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )


It isn't necessarily that people are "trapped in a metaphorical RE1, 2,and 3 steel cage." Rather, it's the complete lack of anything resembling old RE games that long-time fans are disappointed about. The Kinectimals comparison doesn't really make sense because Kinectimals didn't originally start off as a game with lots of blood and gore...but Resident Evil DID begin as a survival horror game (heck, RE1 was the game that coined the term "survival horror") so it only makes sense that fans are going to be upset when the series keeps changing and changing and changing with each iteration. A better example would be like turning Harry Potter into a vampire romance mid-way through the series because mainstream audiences like seeing vampires in love. Just because something is popular with the mainstream, doesn't mean it's ok to suddenly change everything about an already-popular series in order to appeal to that mainstream.

Don't get me wrong...Capcom has every right to update the series. After all, nobody wants to play a game with tank controls and bad voice acting in 2012. But Capcom don't need to forfeit the series' trademark eerie atmosphere, creepy locations and gruesome enemies in order to do it.

And personally I think battling against creatures like Tyrants or William Birkin's G-monster would be INCREDIBLE in a HD game...and far scarier and heart-pumping than having hoardes of gun-toting zombies, rolling boulders and El-Gigante thrown at me. :(

Rainstorm812692d ago

Sorry Logic....People buy Cod cause they want an action FPS...they buy games like Ni No Kuni or White Knight or Lost Oddessy cause they want an RPG... RE has been the leader of the Survival horror genre now its competition is Uncharted and Gears...and thats acceptable???

No one EVER bought Kinectimals for guns and blood but when a game has been synonymous with survival-horror and is now an average action game people should complain...RE is dead to me looking forward to Last of us even Tomb raider looks more survival horror than RE6

PLAYER50952692d ago

im with you on this one!!! Bought RE5 but no morez!!

Kurt Russell2692d ago

@Logic and Pozzle

As it happens I am trapped in the RE1,2,3 cage. I haven't enjoyed RE since them and only purchase them 2nd hand yonks after they're released now. It's a shame, and I know everyone is doing it, but I wouldn't mind a remake of the old horror ones like what they did for the gamecube a few years back.

Fortunatly the Silent Hill HD collection is in my collections and that still doesn't fail to get a little of my poo running down my leg!

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nintendojunkie282692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Same here..this is quite disappointing actually.

Regenerating health is for noobs....

MrMister2692d ago

F*CK you Capcom. They're about as ignorant as Nintendo--telling people that they want features that nobody ever asked for, while ignoring the things we actually DO want (like survival horror in RE 6's case/or An online infrastructure without those damn friend codes from Nintendo).

What's the matter with these game company's? It's like their allergic to common sense.

I know I went off track--it's just that I hate the stupidity of all these company's doing things to franchises/consoles, etc that are at the expense of the fan's who supported them when those franchises were new :/


Because they only care about the money now. Action is where the money is. That's also why we have online passes. How come a game can suck but they can still have an online pass.

linkratos2691d ago

Idk dude Nintendo still makes the games I like while successfully innovating, unlike resident evil. I'm pretty sure there are no friend codes? When has this been confirmed?

StraightPath2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Didnt Resident evil stop being a survival horror since RE4? Was that a bad thing no...RE4 was revolutionary. Yes RE roots were survial horror but RE4 changed its direction to what it is now. Bad or good thing RE6 looks really great fun. Dead Space 2 wasnt scary either. Want a scary game? Go play fatal frame or somthing.

I am sure everyone going to buy it anyways..hope its a good game first though so far its looking great. The slick action looks great.

If RE stayed the horror roots I am sure it would been dead by now, what happen to silent hill?....By expanding they got a chance of catering to a wider audience and keeping the franchise alive. RE4 made new fans. Resident Evil 4 was a giant success revolutionised the Resident evil franchise.

doogiebear2692d ago

Whatever you need to tell yourself bro

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2692d ago

And the few new fans they gained they pissed off and lost more longtime fans. These dipshit developers keep trying to cash in on "innovation" i.e dumbing things down or chasing the dragon in order to capture a quick buck.

There's a big difference between improvement and drastic overhaul changing the look/feel/direction of a franchise. This game has went the route of socom. Good riddance. Hopefully everyone speaks with their wallet and gameflys or rents until these devs learn to listen to their core audience instead of the people with a.d.d who are waiting for the next November annual release.

LOGICWINS2692d ago

@donbear- If RE6 had maintained its horror roots, then I GUARANTEE you that the industry would have bashed it for not taking a risk and trying something new.

You really can't win these days. It's like a double edge sword. You try something new, you piss off your old fans. You neglect to try something different, your old fans get bored and ask for something new.

What ever happened to gamers that have what seems to be the RARE ability to enjoy BOTH horror and action genres.

user54670072692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )


Not really because the main RE games don't come out that often...well didn't used to anyway. It's only recently they said they want to speed up proudction of the RE games obviously for more money

I mean people waited a while for RE4...6 years in fact.

So I don't think people would of complained about it being the same

RE1-3 had the same gameplay...but those development times were quicker. I'm sure RE from RE4 could of gotten away with RE4s gameplay untill RE6 or RE7...if they listened they could of made it more scary just a little something RE4 needed more of.

smashcrashbash2692d ago RE4, despite what people claim, WAS a survival horror. But this is complete nonsense. How can it be a SURVIVAL horror if all you have to do is hide for a while and you heal? That makes NO sense at all. I mean Capcom seem intent in driving the series into the ground. First a less then satisfying attempt with RE5, the train wreck that was Raccoon City and now this garbage. Is Capcom trying to be funny or something? Because it not funny. At all.If you are going to do this then you have to stop calling RE a survival horror because it isn't anymore.

Rainstorm812692d ago

Currently the industry is over-saturated with Action games good and bad..You can probably count on one hand how many survival horror games are available and even less are actually good games......

That where innovation comes in, Capcom needed to make the Survival-horror genre fresh and new again,not cash grab on name recognition and the success of other Third person action games...

Pozzle2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

"If RE stayed the horror roots I am sure it would been dead by now, what happen to silent hill?"

The new Silent Hill games aren't failing because they are horror games. The new Silent Hill games are failing because Konami keep outsourcing them to small Western devs who either don't understand what the series is about or simply don't know how to make a good game.

Most RE games (both horror oriented ones ad action oriented ones) still sell very well. In fact, it's very rare for a RE game to sell badly. Even the old PSone games sold in the millions. So why does it have to be All or Nothing? Why do Capcom need to get rid of EVERYTHING that's recognizable from past RE games? Like I said above, Capcom don't need to forfeit the series' trademark eerie atmosphere, creepy locations and gruesome enemies. They can make a more action-oriented game that still looks and feels like a Resident Evil game.

And why do so many people defend Capcom's choice to completely change the genre of the series? Why isn't horror taken as seriously as other genres? Could you imagine the uproar if a new Portal game was announced, but instead of being a puzzle game it was turned into a shooter to "appeal to a wider audience"? Could you imagine the uproar if Naughty Dog got rid of all platforming in Uncharted 4 and just made it an all-out shooter? I doubt many people would be defending the devs and saying that they are just "keeping up with the new generation of gamers".

That isn't "evolution" imo. That's "wanting to create a new IP but being too scared to give up the famous Resident Evil brand-name." Capcom know RE games will sell well regardless of whether they're horror games or not. It's just easier to create a mindless shooter than it is to create a genuinely scary and horror-filled experience.

(Sorry for the essay. I didn't realize this post was gonna turn out so long).

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Arcanine2692d ago

I know for a fact that when somebody gets their hands on the latest hottest game they want to bust some balls for any little thing.... its like using an excuse to turn people away the only thing turning me away is the DLC is gonna be alot of money.

Nimblest-Assassin2692d ago

And with this survival horror is dead. Dead space, re, silent hill... Have all fallen

ChocolateGiddyUp2692d ago

I don't know...I think Chris' "O" face in that picture is terrifying.

CGI-Quality2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Silent Hill actually retains much of that survival horror feel with its latest iterations, it's just not with the Team Silent skin. That, however, is another topic for a different day.

As for this news, I'm not too thrilled either (survival horror is my favorite genre), but it's RE. I'll still give it a shot!

Trenta272691d ago

Dead Space? Uhh. Not yet. That series is doing just fine.

showtimefolks2692d ago

well capcom is trying to make this into a summer blockbuster action type game. They want all the NOOBS to pick it up

i say do what i always do with capcom games buy used and give your money to anyone other capcom.

OH capcom how you have lost it this gen from on disk dlc characters,on disk dlc modes,sequels upon sequels and sometimes changing so little in sequels(looking at you off the record dead rising)

does capcom even know what made Resident evil game a RE game anymore? i doubt it

orange-skittle2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

People are still whining about Resident Evil not being scary? How long has it been? Get over it.

...and yes, Call of Duty invented regenerating health

All you fake a-- gamers that say I JUST SAVED $60 are the same ones that will buy it anyway. Who are you kidding

DrRobotnik2691d ago

Sad to say but, I much rather play and HD remake of the remake of classic resident evil games than play this crap. Tank controls and all.

Gamer19822691d ago

Aw then dont buy it! In fact why bother commenting? You want the old res evil experience go play them. Because the fact is modern graphics and the like have destroyed atmosphere in games like res forcing them to go in a new direction and I personally like it.

Old McGroin2691d ago

Agreed Gamer1982. Bloody sick of the fact that nearly every single comment on N4G is sickeningly negative about absolutely everything. In my opinion Resi 6 looks good, prob gonna be a first day buy for me.

To all the people crying that it isn't like Resi 1/2/3/ anymore, have you actually played them recently? They are incredibly dated, and I don't just mean the graphics. The world has moved on,it's time ye did as well.

Eyeco2691d ago

I agree with you to an extent, true people don't have to buy it, but look at it this way how many authentic survival horror games are on the market this gen ? ok now how many action adventure shooters are on the market?

do you see my point ? when people play Resident Evil they want a scary survival horror game they don't want a mindless action game, theres plenty of those on the market and there are games that are doing it better.

I also really hate when people say "go and play the old games then" why should gamers go and play old games that they've played a billion times already? why is it ludicrous for fan's of the series to expect the next instalment to contain the foundations that made them a fan of the series n the 1st place ?

I think RE6 is gonna be a great game, that said it looks like a 3rd person cod version of L4D. People are angry because RE has lost its IDENTITY, and like someone above said they wanna start a new IP but rather than go through the risk they'd rather just slap the RE name to guarantee the million plus sales, bottom line this isn't RE. sorry for the long post btw

Old McGroin2691d ago

I actually like how Resident Evil is evolving. It's all well and good birthing it in a mansion with one or two zombie/monster encounters every 15 minutes but it's 16 years since the original was released, if Resident Evil was still about wandering around empty environments and looking at pictures in the right order to open a door I would have given up on it a very long time ago. It's about time the infection went global, it's the natural progression!

DecoyOctopus2691d ago

WHY are they doing this? are they trying to be call of duty or something? their audience dosent want a COD like shooter they want a survival horror game and has been asking for one for years now and still theyre going in the wrong direction

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user54670072692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I like how Capcom tried to keep the health system hidden from us before people found out about it. I bet they were ashamed of it and knew it would just add to the negativity surrounding RE6. I mean you would think you would of heard about it at E3

I just can't believe they've done this, another horrible feature to drag the franchise down. Why didn't they just create a new IP with all these features in and leave RE a lone. Honestly you give Capcom feed back and they never listen, for example the co-op and what do they do...they decided to expand on it rather then get rid of it...not to mention more characters instead of just using one (Leon since RE6 would of been his turn as hero this time round), who would of felt isolated not being able to rely on help during the game. It's one of the reasons I actually liked Ashley in RE4....yeah I liked her. She was hardly with you, when she was she never got in the way always hid behind you, you could tell her to hide and it really kep you going trying to protect yourself and stop her from being kidnapped.

How the mighty fall...huh

It pains me to see people still supporting this game, new "RE" fans I get since Capcom widen the audience has brought then into the new RE but old fans...the ones who'd rather "give it a chance" when they most likely know the outcome and how they'll truely feel about it, all they're doing is giving them a happy sale.

Jeez this is why I want this game to fail...I want Capcom to get a wake up call.

Maybe they could reboot the game telling the same story over again from the mansion inncident but change things around so they're will be differe't outcomes...kind of like the whole Butterfly effect theory. It would give them a freash start but allow them to keep the characters we love around

Maybe they could reboot the game telling the same story over again from the mansion inncident but change things around so they're will be differe't outcomes...kind of like the whole Butterfly effect theory. It would give them a freash start but allow them to keep the characters we love around

For example

The STARS team get through the mansion, the tyrant dosen't stab Wesker changing him, they destroy it in a differen't way but the mansion dosen't blow up, Wesker runs off to Umbrella. Before STARS can get the rest of the Raccoon police department to check out the mansion the Zombie outbreak happens sooner because the mansion wasn't blown up. Leon arrives when the city is closed off and decided to go in himself after Ada pleads him to help her find her BF John, Claire who is also at the quarantined border decides to go with them to find her brother Chris, Claire gets lost and Leon and Ada meet up with Jill instead. Barry and Rebecca are with Chris at the end they find Claire who is with Carlos. This leads to Jill following Leon into the secret service as an Agent and Chris, Barry and Rebbeca creating a BSAA type organization.

....Get where I'm going with this

Lovable2691d ago

When I was watching E3, I actually saw in Chris scenario that he was picking some herbs...or was that a lie as well? lol

JonnyBigBoss2692d ago

Resident Evil 6 is going to be a good game. You can tell when playing that a lot of thought has gone into its design. My biggest problem is that it just isn't scary. If I wanted to play a third-person action game I'd pick-up Uncharted, Gears of War, The Last of Us, or one of the dozens of others.

I'm so disappointed to find out that it isn't scary at any level. What a letdown.

insertcoin2692d ago

Hopefully, the regenerating health will go away on the higher difficulty settings. There was no regenerating health during the demo at E3...

user54670072692d ago

"There was no regenerating health during the demo at E3..."

Probably because they didn't want people to know, especialy old RE fans. They probably knew it would contradict their past statments about RE6 going back to it's roots, being scary or not taking the action game path