Square Enix has restored my faith in gaming

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Theatrhythm reminded me why games can be magical. Music is a primal force, and this series of games has been a part of my life for a good 15 years now. To be experiencing a game that is built from ground-up to showcase nothing but the music is heart warming."

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Godmars2902696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

Let them put put another Einhander or Gun Hazard - not remakes but new - then talk about restored faith.

A rhythm title which depends as much if not more on FF mythos as decent rhythm mechanics doesn't come close.

Magic_Spatula2695d ago

Seriously, I've been wanting a sequel to Einhander forever. Also, a Tobal sequel or PSN re-release wouldn't hurt.

Chrono2695d ago

Dragon Quest IX = best JRPG this gen.

Zechs342695d ago

No way! Respectfully disagree. Its easily between Xenoblade or Lost Odyssey. Wait... If I put FFIX in my PS3, does it make it this gen? If so, I change my answer!

Chrono2695d ago

I love Xenoblade, but still I think DQ9 is the best. Thank you.

tigertron2695d ago

"Square Enix has restored my faith in gaming"

Not sure if serious.

Capt-FuzzyPants2695d ago

I agree with what he said. There are way too many gamings trying to use a set formula and then sell it to the consumer. There aren't a lot of new ideas. I know indie games are usually unique, but they're usually short and not as polished. I would like it if those games came to be games with the budget of a regular AAA game.

belac092695d ago

i LOVE this theatrythm game, its truly fun. its the best game on the 3ds as far as im concerned.

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