Nintendo Wins Next Generation And One After That With This Unique Advice

Satoru Iwata takes it on the chin. Massive restructuring at Japanese Publisher.

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Foolsjoker2694d ago

Nintendo Party bus anyone?

LostTokens2694d ago

Only if Luigi shows up. Nobody else, just Luigi.

decimalator2694d ago

You'd think shareholders would care more about the profitability of the company than how difficult it is to find the company's headquarters. Spend your time making some games, not herding stupid shareholders that can't find the building.

Wenis2694d ago

He must've woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning

MrMister2694d ago

Iwata's been running that company to the ground since the gamecube. Yeah they made a lot of money with the wii, but it wasnt his idea to go with motion controls. He is gonna ruin the wii u--never has a system been as unprepared for release as that one (since the 3DO by panasonic)

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