Buy Battlefield Premium, Get Medal of Honor or Dead Space for Free

Buy Battlefield Premium from EA Origin and get either Medal of Honor or Dead Space for free. Offer starts July 3rd and ends July 10th.

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DasTier2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Now that pisses' me off I got premium earlier (therefore supporting the game) but people who were reluctent now get rewarded with a free £40 game? Life sucks.

badz1492695d ago

it pisses me off when Zipper offered the DLC for SOCOM4 free for late purchasers but those who bought the game early got shafted and have to pay! it's a pretty important DLC too btw!

dirthurts2695d ago

That's how it works.
You buy first, you pay more. That's any product. You should be used to this by now. You're paying more to play first.
I personally am still waiting. I would grab this, but I already own both of those games.
Oh well...


Think about those who brought Back to Karkand for 15$ just before Premium came out

DasTier2695d ago

Well I had it preordered so I didn't need to worry about that.

My stupidity and lack of reading actually made this worse. I originally thought it said "get either Medal of Honor WAR FIGHTER or Dead Space 3" but after Dirthurts comment about owning them both I reread it an realized im not too bothered. However If it was war fighter or dead space 3...

urwifeminder2695d ago

I would buy premium if i could log on to origin fix the shit.

faraany33k2695d ago

FIX your DAMN Origin Downloader. Cant resume my downloads in 2012. Shitty piece of crap